Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tons of Love and Friendship

Before Devree left for St. Jude, Kaia asked for Devree's handprints on her new bedroom wall. If you look closely, you can see Devree's name below her handprints. What a cute picture of Kaia!

2/1/2009 9:58 PM
Hey Devro!!
So, I cut my hair and now there can be two baldies in Young Womens!! I heard the terrible news, and while I don't exactly know how it feels to receive that kind of news, then I can't say that I know what your going through.... So instead I'll just tell you good luck!! Hang in there!! We miss you tons back here, and if theres anything I can do for you, then please let me know!! I love you Devro!!
Tons of Love and Friendship,

Kaia Galloway!!: )

Today Devree was at a Super Bowl party with Breck, Celest, Tayzia, Talon, Kallie, and Jackson Rice. Shana reports that Devree is now sporting her new look (At least you are not alone Devree!). That's all I have for right now. I am just as anxious as you are to get the next post from Devree and Shana.

I know they keep you busy at the hospital, but we would all like your mailing address when you get a chance.



Hamblin Family said...

Kaia! Why do it if you don't have to? Silly Goose. I loves you and I miss you.

Love, Devree

Devin said...

Because, devro...
I did have to do it, your my friend!! and even if I didn't then you know i'm always looking for an excuse to cut my hair short... its not that big a deal! i wanted to support you so i did!! i loves you more!! tons of love,
kaia galloway
p.s. I'm not a silly goose!!