Thursday, February 19, 2009

YO HO I am 1/3 through!

This is my piratey scarf for being 1/3 through radiation.
This is our cute nurse Lindsay (aka Santa's elf).
Devree has a ton of things to say and I am going to let her tell you all of the good news. She is in the eye doctors right now so I will wait for her to tell all of you.
Good Day to all you blog-followers! I have lots to tell you! Lindsey the Elf checked my balance and said that it was much better. I also went to a place called ACT I think. There I met Webb and a woman I forget the name of…The nameless woman has a 17 year old daughter who loves Twilight so when we told her about calling Dr. Armstrong Dr. Carlisle She thought it was hilarious! She said she would put “Dr. Carlisle” over his nameplate since his office is next door to hers. She also told us that her daughter is a swimmer in competition. One time they had to go to a swim final in Minnesota and they heard that the whole Twilight cast was at the Mall of America. They begged their mom (the one telling us the story) to take them to the mall instead of the swim meet…and she did. So she met the “cute guy” (which wasn’t really verified so I’m hoping it was Robert Pattinson rather than Taylor Lautner.) and he came to their meet and signed her daughter’s arm. Totally unfair. Whatever though. OMIGOSH, I had to do a balance test there too and THEY even told me I have good balance. I mean ABOVE AVERAGE balance. I mean after hearing that I really wondered why I walk like a drunk.
So I took Emma to New Beginnings where I got to lead the music. I THINK she liked it but I can’t be sure. She never said whether she did or didn’t.
Oh and my eye doctor said that my plug came out. It sounds stupid to plug an eye that wasn’t making tears (which really it did seem) but on Saturday night it started leaking. So yeah, and they told me they would either put a stitch in my eyelid or a weight to make my eye close. Sounds sort of intimidating…Anyway I want to say thank you to everyone and say happy belated Valentine’s day!
~Devree (Little Miss Alice)


KyandTammie said...

Hello Miss Alice,
YOu look so great in your photos! I am glad you had a great time at New Beginnings and that your friend went with you too. How fun!

Great news, your balance is getting better...all the more reason to get out and shop as much as possible (don't tell your mom I said so) and check out the cute guys!!

We are so excited that you will be coming home next month. The Rice-Rangel clan will be making a road trip your way for sure!! Just be prepared for tons of hugs and lovin's.

I love to see your beautiful smile, keep up the hard work.

We love you bunches and bunches,
Uncle Ky and Aunt Tammie

soggycheerios said...

Devree you look beautiful in those pictures. I love the look of the scarf, but I still think that you make a great blond. Do blond's have more fun? Maybe I need take a spin as a blond for a while. We love you and miss you guys so much. Hang in there, at this rate you'll be done in no time. Thank you for all the life lessons that you teach me daily!

Connie O

Leah said...

You're looking so GOOD Devree! I love the blonde wig!! I'm glad to hear that your balance is good. It sounds like things are going okay for you right now.

You sure are an example to us all!

Love you!

Kacey said...

Beautiful Devers, (Kyree says Dev-er-ree!)

I have given your blog address to Kyree's little preschool classmates to keep up on your news.(I hope you don't mind) Kyree is doing a co-op preschool and I am teaching next week. We are learning the letter "R" and will be doing something a bit different. We are going to be running a mini race for you! It will be like the Race for the Cure (which Ben and I did last year) but on a much smaller scale!

The 6 racers will be decorating t-shirts in preparation for race day and collecting some sponsor $. Each child's goal is $1-(so we won't be making bank) And we want to send you either the money or goods. So let us know what you want, either $ or a special type of food, etc! If it is something that starts with the letter "R" great, but if not that's okay too! We are calling the race the "Race for Raisins" but it's okay if you would rather us get you something besides raisins!

The race is next Thurs. and we will of corse take lots of photos to send you!

We love you!

Love your little Ohio fans and Bassett Family

tammyella said...

congratulations my dear!!!! 1/3 done....WWOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! lol i'm sure you did absolutely AMAZING at the young womens thing!!! <3 love you lots, and can't wait to see you!!!


Powla said...

What a relief to be 1/3 of the way done! Do you have anything special planned for "hump" day, when you get half way? Maybe a party based on the play of words with "hump" in it? Any camel riding at a nearby zoo?

I know I'm silly. I'm actually in class in a very boring lecture, typing this to you. Great teacher, but dry subject matter. This is a much better distraction.

Hey, did you hear that Kaylun is coming your way? He is home for a little hiatus from his mission so he can have his shoulder operated on (to keep it from dislocating and to stop the pain) then he goes back to finish the last year of his mission.

Anyway. He will be there the last weekend of Feb. and will be coming to visit you with the Missouri Hamblins. Yeah!

Love hearing all the news, the good, the bad and the ugly, but most of all, love it when Devree writes the news herself. (No offense to her parents, of course!)

Love you guys tons and tons!

PaulaShawn said...

DEVREE!!! I love a great dose of Devree! You fill me up. Tomorrow you'll be past that weird percentage of 33.333333333333333...

Have a fun weekend!