Sunday, February 8, 2009

Devree Calls Dad!

Devree passed out again today. Shana couldn’t get to her quick enough. So she fell, but didn’t get hurt. The last time she passed out was January 14th when she first got out of PICU at Stanford. Her pediatric neurosurgeon had a name for what had happened and was not concerned. He said that she could prevent future blackouts by sitting up and taking deep breaths before she actually stood up.

We are hoping that this is more of the same problem, and not a big concern. It is at times like these that I am so grateful that Devree’s Pediatric Oncologist at St. Jude is also her Pediatric Neurosurgeon. He will know what is going on with Devree, and we should have answers soon. (No surgery is being considered, we are just happy that he is available to explain things.)

Today I received a wonderful surprise. Devree called to talk with her Dad and brothers today. We laughed and visited until I was up to date on all of the latest news, straight from Devree herself. Her nausea is still faintly there. She says that it is like the headaches she had after neurosurgery. The Vicodin helped, but the pain was still there in the background.

Her spirits are high though! She told me, “There’s no reason to be sad, because it won’t change anything, and if I cry I only have tears in one eye, and that’s stupid.” I was happy to hear her sassy sense of humor. “Hang in there Devree!!!”

She also told me her theory about why she gets sick and throws up. “Remember Aunt Tammie saying that radiation was like army soldiers attacking the cancer?” Devree asked me. “All the dead cancer must go to me stomach, and that’s yucky. So I throw up.” I like how Devree has a positive association for being nauseated and throwing up. "Thanks Aunt Tammie!!!" This is now our version of, "Pain is weakness leaving the body."

Aunt Tammie’s Radiation Analogy:
So each time you have the radiation I am visualizing that the radiation is the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force all entering your body and attacking the enemy! One by one killing each cancer cell until they are all gone. The mission is a big one but they are trained and can handle it. Especially with so many people praying and fasting the cancer cells don't stand a chance.

I loved my visit with Devree. She is such a joy! I was also happy to learn about her 12 year old friend Emma. They like doing crafts together. Emma had a cancerous tumor removed too, so Devree’s new friend really understands what she is going through. I have been asked to send Devree’s piano music so that she can play the beautiful grand piano at the Target House. (I was happy to hear that request, because Devree finds a lot of peace in playing the piano. It also means that she is feeling good enough to play.)

Love you all tons!!!

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KyandTammie said...

Yee Haww as Uncle Ky likes to say! I am thrilled Devree feels up to playing the piano. YOu are my hero Devers...Keep being strong and let the "Armed Forces" do it's job!

Lots of Love,
Aunt Tammie