Thursday, February 12, 2009

What Is Happening At Home???

The boys and I had a great day this week. I think we even hit “Super Mom” status for one evening (“Super Dads” do different things). We made homemade lasagna, did a load of laundry and folded it, put dishes in the dishwasher, went to Shay's basketball game (He scored!), and looked at our broken garage door opener with our Home Teachers. We even thought to call Shana & Devree to tuck them into bed. lol :-)

Dane with his "Friendship Necklace" from our cancer support group.

Shay's group took time to have each child create all of the words to describe what it is like to have a sibling with cancer.
Creepy Cancer
Time with my sister.
Playing games and having fun.
All it was, was fast.
Easy going
Battle off the cancer

Noble was visited by childhood friends from Fernley. They took Noble out for Round Table Pizza and reminisced about everything from preschool to soccer games. Then they came home and played Super Smash Brothers Brawl on our Wii. Noble really enjoyed talking about old times, and I loved seeing the warm smile it put on his face. His dear old friends still love and care about him. (Thanks for the visit Nathan, Chris, and Quentin!)

Fridge Emotion Charts From Cancer SuperSibs
Noble: Anxious
Shay: Mischievous
Dane: Mischievous

It amazes me that the boys are still using their emotion charts. They update the chart on their own, and it’s funny how accurate they are. Shay and Dane have been really in to teasing each other and their father. Silly boys. :-)

Noble’s chart is accurate too! He is preparing to go on a cruise with Kyle’s family, Kyle, and Manny (Manalope Extreme -We love his posts!). Earlier in the week Noble obtained his pre-arranged absence slip, and he collected all of the home work that he will need to complete before his return. Tonight he packed his bags, he leaves tomorrow night. He will be gone from 2/13/2009 – 2/22/2009.

The trip was well planned and paid for in advance (We didn’t know about what Devree calls her “Radiation Vacation” until much later). Kyle’s family made all the arrangements, and Noble earned money for his part of the trip. We want Noble to continue with his full and crazy fun teenage life. So Noble’s big emotions right now are excitement and anxiousness.

Thank you so much for loving Devree and our family through this experience!



walkinourshoes said...

Dear Hamblin Boys,
It likes look you are doing well. Good job, Mr.Mom. Have fun Noble and enjoy this time with friends, are deserve this trip.
Love, Koe

angelicindy said...

ooo. fun! a cruise! where are you going?

KyandTammie said...

I am thrilled Noble gets to take a break. Yea!

Dane I love your picture and I really enjoy hearing about all of you!

Love you all,

Leah said...

I'm glad you're all hangin' in there! Sounds like a lot of fun is happening at your place! Have fun on your trip Noble.