Monday, February 23, 2009

Old man syndrome

We had a pretty good weekend.  Devree has been feeling a little more nauseous and only eats enough for a bird.  We went to Breck and Celest's late on Saturday after we found a new scarf and Sunday shoes for Devree.  Sunday morning she was again nauseous, but we prayed that she could go to church and she was able to enjoy the Sabbath.  Germantown ward is really great and it starts our week off right by attending church.

Sunday night Devree's hair really fell out and we had lots of tears, only on the left side of course.  Devree commented on how she looks like an old man now with her balding spots everywhere.  She took a shower and the hair clogged the drain so much she had to take the hair out of the tub by the handfulls.  There is a big difference in shaving your head and knowing and seeing that the hair is there and will come back, to seeing it fall out and not any sign of hair and wondering if it will grow back.  We have seen many kids here, where their hair has not grown back.

This next Sunday is Fast Sunday and for those that would like to fast and pray for Devree we are asking that you will specifically ask for Devree to get her right side of her face back.  She needs to have her eye close all of the way, she needs to make tears and she would love her smile and expressions back for the right side.  We really are concerned about her eye because it is susceptible for infection and disease with not being able to close all of the way and not making tears.  The right side of Devree's face has been her biggest thing she doesn't like.  Not even the hair is as important even though tears have been shed over the loss of it.

I am trying not to worry because of the latest book on Faith I am reading.  Garth Allred wrote it and Todd and I know him very well because we took his classes at BYU-Hawaii.  He wrote "Worrying is a lack of faith."  So I shall not worry! Ha! Ha!

Looking forward to relatives coming on Friday and Todd coming on Tuesday!


tammyella said...

haha even though it's not a very happy subject, i like tha name. =) i shall definitely pray for Devree and be sending all my thoughts to her always. please tell her i love her and can't wait till you guys come home so i can see her!!!! <3 <3 <3


walkinourshoes said...

We would love to fast for Devree. We love you all so much. We are excited for you to have Uncle Todd be with you again. You are always in your thoughts and prayers.
Love, Koe

KyandTammie said...

We will fast for Devree for Sure!! My heart is with you..We love you all so much.

Kacey said...

Thanks for calling me back! You truly are wonder woman! With wonder daughter! I didn't answer bec. I was on a HOT date! I am excited to hear your HOT date will be there soon! You know you stole uncle Todd from me, I told you I was going to marry him!!!(it's funny to hear that story!) I guess it all worked out okay! How was the movie you guys went to?
Do you have anything to say to your three-year-old fans in Ohio who will be racing on Thurs for you? Our family will definitely be fasting and praying for you this weekend! Did you know that Rachel Falyn is about to have her baby any day now? Well, maybe not any day, but soon!!! She is due March 3rd, I think! I was just talking with her and she was on her way in to a Dr. check-up! Pretty exciting!

We love you to pieces!!!
The Bassetts

Breck, Celest, Tayzia, Talon, Kallie, and Jackson Rice said...

We will look forward to fasting with you guys on Sunday! I will e-mail the Relief Society Sisters and have them join us. Devree, even with your struggles, you still look stunning every time I see you!!!!! Watch out, I might steal your new "black and white" skirt.....and your pink shirt too!