Wednesday, February 4, 2009

No Nickname?

Uncle Ky, girls or women do have nicknames. Maybe not for each other but we do for everyone else! We named our tiny little oncology nurse Lindsay, "Santa's Elf". She is so happy and chipper and looks like she is 10 years old and about the same size. We named Dr. Pie(?), "Dr. One More Thing". But our pediatric neuro-oncologist, Dr. Armstrong was hurt that we didn't have a nickname for him. Devree and I said maybe we will call him "The Cute Dr.". Dr, Cute had some really good news for us yesterday. He said the bone scans showed no more cancer. Also that Devree won't have to have her stem cells taken from her bone marrow. Now for those of you that may be queezy, don't read this next part. Okay if she did have to get the stem cells from her bone marrow it is excrutiatingly painful with 12 shots to the hip bone. Most days Devree has a "port" in her hand. That is an IV that they leave to take blood. Right now Devree has been getting enough stem cells from her blood to help her when she will need it in the future. So that is really good news. She doesn't like the port too much, but I think she prefers that to getting stuck in her hip several times.

Devree has made a new friend. Her name is Emmaline and she is a very tall 12 year-old. She is from Alabama and is here with her Mom and 8 month old baby brother David. She is only here for 6 weeks of radiation and then she is done. We are a little envious. Emma made her wish to go to Egypt and see the pyramids. She also likes to craft. We went to "Taco Night" together and then we went and made valentines. As we were finishing up, this young couple came into the craft room. She is from London and Simon is from the Lakes District in Scotland. It was really fun to talk to them and they have come to work in the Pharmacy at St. Jude's for a 1 year work visa. They are taking off time from college. They come and volunteer in the craft room on Monday nights. We are looking forward to talking to them again, since Devree and I love everything about England.

Cheryl, we have to remain upbeat because that is the only way to survive. So many cancer books said to do the "Polyana" thing and find something good everyday and laugh everyday! So here is the funny thing today. As we came to clinic "E" a little 2 year-old girl kept yelling happily "We're Here! We're Here!".


angelicindy said...

Yea, that hip thing sounds pretty awful and I can kind of relate (a little bit) to the port. I wish I would have had one of those when I got both hips replaced. There's nothing worse then the phlebotomists (spelling?!) coming in at four in the morning to draw blood. Only I already had a morphine drip and an IV and I'm not a very good stick so then they had to go hunting for a good vein. Did I mention they did this at 4:00 AM? Gesh! Yea, I'm a little envious of your port :)

walkinourshoes said...

Very good new indeed. The less pain the better. We sure love you.

KyandTammie said...

Yea!! Great news about the bone scan and no hip shots!
Sounds like Monday nights will be something fun to look forward to!
I am glad you are being so well taken care of. I want to help Devree get her little Miss Alice wig...Any idea where I might look? Shana if you come across one on the net let me know!

Love ya,

tammyella said...

haha well it's good you guys had a good day today. keept it up Devrs, and good luck with your first day of radiation tomorrow!!!!! I LOVE YOU BABE!!!!!! I hope i can talk to you around the nest week and a half, because guess what??? IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!! HAHA!!!! 15 BABY!!!!!!! you calling would be the best gift i could get!!! love you!!!!


PaulaShawn said...

Hi Miss Alice. Big day tomorrow, eh? We won't be thinking of much other than you. We're happy you are surrounded by smart & great people (and a cute one, too!). You can do anything for a month! We know you can. Good luck.

Hamblin Family said...

I love to hear how creative Devree is with the "Polyana" thing. When you mentioned the berry and mango gelato I had to smile.

Devree, for a sick kid you are pretty fun to hang out with. I'm sooo glad I got to visit your new world at St. Jude. I love all the art work and the wonderful people there.

When you feel up to it, can you send some pictures of your favorite people and places at St. Jude?

Love you both tons!!!

Lisa Wilcox said...

Hey Devree!!! We sure missed you at YW last night. I hope everything goes well today. I will be thinking of you...

Love Sister Wilcox