Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Food is staying down!

Well after visiting the hospital and finding out Devree was 2 quarts low...(they gave her 2 containers through her IV) she was given benedryl and some other drug that made her really sleepy. It works! Hurray! She is keeping her food down and feels so much better. She even played on her computer for awhile.

Sad news though. Tayzia's team came in 10th because one girl fell and had an injury. Well at least they were in the finals.

Tomorrow is church so we will not be blogging. So everyone have a great Sabbath!


Darcy said...

That is such a relief.

Val, Jed, Claire, and Annaliese said...

We sure missed Devree on Wed. Night! Hope she knows we care!!

Cyndi said...

Food, glorious food! Hopefully it'll just get better! It's amazing how the small things (eating) take on new meaning, and we realize how important it is when it doesn't stay down. Keep up the good work!
Love ya' lots, Cydi

PaulaShawn said...

Hey. We kept running into Mr. Mom and his boys last night. He sure notices all you do to keep the family functioning, Shana. He's doing a great job and is so positive.

Yea! Devree is not sharing more than she should be anymore. Way to keep it all in! That's huge -- another prayer answered. Hope you never have to experience another 48 hours like that again. Happy Sabbath.

Stephanie said...

Yea the food is down! Those prayers keep getting answered. Stay positive and keep fighting. We think of and pray for you often.

KyandTammie said...

Yes.....I agree, another prayer answered. Keep up the hard work Devree!

We love you,
Uncle Ky and Aunt Tammie and the kids!!

shadowpaw17 said...

Yay! food is yummy and should always remain in the tummy!

luv ya Dev keep up the optimism=)

-Leah Wall