Thursday, February 5, 2009

We are the BEST! We're HHS!

We went to Tayzia's cheer performance last night. You have to imagine for all of you poor Dayton people. This place is really into cheering. There were 24 girls on the middle school team, 14 girls on the Junior Varsity (Tayzia's group) 20 girls? on the senior varsity team. Every 4 girls do the lifts. Three girls lifting and supporting one girl in the air. Then they do gymnastics across the floor with alot of smiling and head bobbing and cupping the hands clapping. That was their cheer, "We are the BEST! We're HHS! But we are saying HHS stands for "Happy Hamblin Status! I did a little rendition for Breck and Tayzia and they thought I did pretty well. Breck said "I would think they would get brain damage with all of that head action."

Today Tayzia, Breck and Celest fly to Florida for the National Competition. They will be back on Monday. We wish Tayzia all of the best and hopes she has lots of fun. We wish the cheerleaders of Dayton could get inspired by all of those HHS cheerleaders.

Thursday is today and today is the first radiation. Devree has a little cold and doesn't feel really well. I have been trying to pump orange juice and other things to help her, but it has been really cold here. We are looking forward to warmer temperatures. We will tell you how it goes.


Horse Crazy Family said...

That is so great that you guys get to do all the fun things to keep your spirits up. I know how much fun the Memphis Rices are. I would have loved to see you act like a cheerleader Aunt Shana, maybe the talent show at the next reunion?? Anyway, have a great day, we're thinking of you!
Love Carlina

tammyella said...

haha wow, it sounds like they were really into it!!!!! lol good luck Devree, i'm wishing you the best for first radiation!!!! <3


KyandTammie said...

I hope today went well. We are all praying for all of you!

Kacey said...

We are also hoping for warmer weather soon. It's so fun to hear about your adventures with the Rices. We hope today was a good day for you. We love you!