Tuesday, February 17, 2009

1/4 Way through RADIATION!

Yes today we celebrate Devree being 1/4 through. We will buy the "Camp Rock" lunch box that has Joe Jonas all over it in the gift store. Today Dr. One More Thing said she is done with the spine and can lay on her back through the rest of the radiation. Devree is going to get several tatoos the size of a freckle so that the marks don't keep rubbing off and so when she has her check ups throughout the years, the marks will be there and they won't have to keep doing them. She asked me about them and I said it was her body so she could decide. She decided she wanted them.

Devree also decided for her big English project that she would write a modern "Romeo and Juliet" play. So Mrs. Bum, maybe Devree will show you that play when we get back. Sister Halvorsen, would you be able to ask Monica Kho for Devree's shoes she left in her gym locker? Devree doesn't remember her locker number but she was sharing with MoniKho (Devree's nickname) when she was at DHS. Will you please give the shoes to Todd so he can send them to us. Devree will have to start wearing some arch supports in shoes to help with her balance. Devree is excited because she ran a little with Tayzia. But she still can't do heel,toe walking, YET!

We have met some new people that are in remission today. It is always nice to meet people that are coming back for their whatever YEAR checkup to know that they are happy and well. We met a 15 year-old girl that had cancer in her thigh bone. She is not afraid to go around with her shiny bald head. Devree also learned about a cute 14 year old boy named Shane that has the same kind of cancer as Amanda.

I have been reading Sheri Dew's book "If life were easy it wouldn't be so hard" or something like that. Paula Heusser gave it to us. I thought, I love Sheri Dew, but what can a woman without a daughter, let alone a daughter with cancer help me with? It was a fantastic book. I recommend it to all. THANK YOU PAULA! Thank you for all of your comments on the blog that I can't hardly read because it makes me cry.

We are really enjoying Germantown ward and I missed it last Sunday because Devree was so sick. This Sunday we heard a cute story. This little boy was told that he needed to be more like Jesus because a part of Jesus was inside of him. One day the little boy got into trouble by his Dad. The Dad sort of grabbed him by the arm. The little boy said "Dad! You are shaking the Jesus out of me!"

Have a FANTASTIC DAY everyone!


Breck, Celest, Tayzia, Talon, Kallie, and Jackson Rice said...

Congrats on reaching the 1/4 mark!!! We can't wait to see your tattoos Devree! Our house feels empty without you here today. See you tomorrow for New Beginnings. Love, Aunt Celest

p.s. Summer, I love the cute music and designs on the blog! You are so talented!

walkinourshoes said...

I guess I better be careful, and not shake the Jesus, out of Kylee. Very cute story. I put your names on the Bountiful, Salt Lake, and Jordan River Temple, today. We sure love you.
Love, Koe

PaulaShawn said...

Tee hee hee! That's the funniest little boy story! Like the little girl whose mom asked her how she got so cute, "You was dropping yours and I was just picking them up!"

Shana, you've been overloaded with cute because Devree is brimming with it and you've still got tons to keep dropping before any are missed! You guys are great!!!

Yea!!!!!! Half way to half way! You are flourishing even with things going against you at times. Remember, if God be for us, who can be against us?!

Happy celebrating and have fun charming the cute 14 year old!

tammyella said...

YAY!!!!!!! 1/4closer to coming home for good!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 i'm glad it sounds like you had a pretty good day today (or at least not a bad one =)) love you with all my heart babe!!!!!


Breck, Celest, Tayzia, Talon, Kallie, and Jackson Rice said...

Congrats Dev’s on ¼ the way!!! Do you get to choose the tattoo; do they have a freckle book you look through to choose the freckle you want?

Have an awesome day tomorrow!
Uncle Breck

Arianne said...

Wow, a medical reason for tattoos. And hurray for the milestone. Thanks for the book recommendation, too. My mom put Devree's name in the Bountiful and Ogden temples. We think and pray for you every day.

Julie Bum said...

I can't wait to read the play. I am planning on sending Devree a copy of what we are working on this semester. We also recorded some of the auditions for her if she is interested in watching them. They were all comedy auditions. I am glad to hear that you are doing better Devree. You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday.

Lisa Wilcox said...

Congrats Devree!!! Next stop 1/2 way... Just a reminder about New Beginnings tonight, 7:00, Sunday dress, parents invited. And if you feel up to it we have you down for leading the music. Looking so forward to seeing you!

p.s. You looked so cute sunday. You look great as a blonde:)

Love Ya Sis. Wilcox

Hamblin Family said...

Hey Julie that would be really great if you could send the play and the tryouts. Devree needs a good laugh every now and again.

The Voelkel Family said...

how funny!!! I needed a good laugh. We actually had our own cute little "Jesus" story here with Daila. She hasn't been wanting to go to the sitter's house in the morning. Well yesterday after exhausting all her other options, she says she wants to just stay home. And when I explained that no one would be here to help her, she said she wanted Jesus. I told her Jesus is always with her "right here" and patted my heart. She looked down inside her shirt and said, "nuh uh . . . he not there." :) She actually took a picture of Him to the sitter's and I think it helped. Kinda silly, just thought I'd share.