Monday, February 16, 2009

President's Day

We had a really wonderful weekend. The only really bad thing is my laptop died. I am so sad because I loved being able to blog and read my emails etc. while I wait for hours for Devree. BOO HOO! Now I only can use the hospital computer if there is availability and only for 30 min.

So Celest, Breck and Tayzia took us to eat crepes and other good things and the adults went to a movie. Celest and Breck tried to not let me feel like the 3rd wheel on their valentines date. THANK YOU!

Friday, Devree and I went and saw Coraline and went shopping. We went to a knitting class that Kallie loved and Celest, Devree and I endured. Devree had a big fall there and started to just get overwhelmed with all of this sickness etc. She had a good cry with me and Aunt Celest and I cried along with her and Devree got out all of the things that she really wants to do and wants her body to do eventually. We do have good news though. On Sunday, her right eye actually made a tear! The eye doctor plugged her tear duct and maybe all of that emotion helped unplug and her eye is looking less red. Of course Devree bounced right back to her happy self and I did too! So don't worry about us too much!

We have been riding the shuttle back and forth from the Target House to the hospital because it is about 5 miles away. Devree said she was hungry for pizza. Whenever she is hungry for something, I try to fulfill that need to fatten her up! So we go down the main street and I count 1,2,...7 fried chicken places. I comment to the driver, "You know you are in the south when you can count 7 fried chicken places and not one pizza place!" She laughed and told me where the pizza place was. I guess you know you are in California if you count 7 mexican food places and 1 pizza place!

My new friend Celest has a little 4 year-old girl that they have been dealing with this since she was 10 months old. Celest and I talk while her daughter is sedated and given radiation. The other day, Devree and I got there first and Celest and I started talking. The 4 year-old, said "Mommy YOU are NOT SUPPOSED to talk to STRANGERS!" I explained that we are not strangers and we talk when she is sleeping.

THANK YOU KENDRA for the melted Crayon heart that said "YOU MELT MY HEART, for CRAYON OUT LOUD!

THANK YOU Neumeister's for the 2 hats and the dream catcher.

THANK YOU Kalene for the book and the adorable homemade fridge magnets.


Staci said...

Okay so you couldn't have surprized me more with your valentine card, Shana. You simply 'AMAZE' me. When you have so much on your plate you still have time to think of others. I just love that about you and felt your love all the way from Memphis. Thank you so much. We miss you and Devree so much and keep the two of you in our daily prayers.

PaulaShawn said...

Devree's one tear has joined the uncountable others that have dropped from the hundreds of Devree-Lovers who feel we just can't do enough for her. It was nice to hear that by crying for her, we are actually doing something for her that she can't do herself. But how we wish we could do more!

Broken hearts are so painful and we would rather not have them, but take a look at all the promises in the scriptures to those who have broken hearts. I know that yours can be healed and one day you will see that it was a small price to pay for all the blessings that come of one. He knows what He is doing for you, as little as we understand or even want it right now . . . He knows and loves with more love than we can comprehend.

Just keep looking forward to that peak, as life comes in peaks and valleys. After making it through this "Death Valley", you will reach the highest, most beautiful place that right now you don't even have the capacity to imagine its glory. It's on its way -- you'll get there and the view from the top will bring such indescribable joy that it will lessen the agony of the climb.

You are my hero, Devree. Already, even before we all got to see your moxie, you were my hero. How you have greeted this lot in life and attacked it with your might has boosted my esteem of you immeasurably. You are incredible!!!

Breck, Celest, Tayzia, Talon, Kallie, and Jackson Rice said...

Shana you are not a 3rd wheel, we had a fun V-day date and Devree you are a delight to have at our home, as often as we can have you! We always look forward to your visits and sad when you go back to the Target House…Truth is that it is always a party when you come over and then we have to get back to our real life when you leave.

I also wanted to drop a quick note to thank all our friends in Germantown for your love and support for Shana and Devree! My beautiful wife Celest just did some investigative research to see what would make Shana and Devree’s stay here in Memphis more comfortable (a wish list). Celest past the wish list around to our friends at church and it was filled instantly with even more suggestions from people of additional thing they wanted to do. All ya’ll are the BOMB!! (I’m trying to incorporate some southern speak :)) Thank you sweetie (Celest) and our G-town friends!

Thanks again,
-Breck (Shana’s mush younger brother)

Breck, Celest, Tayzia, Talon, Kallie, and Jackson Rice said...

Yes, we do party a lot when Devree and Shana are at our house! We (Breck, Celest, and Shana) enoyed a delicious Valentine's dinner at Fire Birds and went to a movie while Tayzia and Devree went on a 5 hour shopping spree at the Avenue! We kept checking in to be sure that Devree wasn't too worn out, but she was having too much fun to stop. The best part of the weekend was watching Devree laugh her head off as she watched "She's The Man". . . . we love you Devree and Shana! We are looking forward to our continued party at The Paradiso today.....see you at 4:40!

lusum54 said...

Wish I were there to party with you. Aunt Celest and Uncle Breck always show an AwSoMe time huh! Having a good cry always helps me too, even though Luke just does not see the benifit in it. :) Love Ya Summer

Isbjorn said...

We took the "boys" geocaching today, and I think they enjoyed getting out in the fresh air with us. It was great, the sun was shining and it almost felt warm while we were out. Anyway, just wanted you to know we got the guys out of the house today. Since Tanner and I have plenty of girls in our life, we decided to share with them since I know they're missing the women folk in their life. Anyway, we all miss ya', we think of you lots and say lots of prayers.

Cheryl said...

Oh a tear! That is great news. :) That is great news. A good cry is needed once in a while. I am very sorry to hear about your laptop. That is very frustrating. It sounds like you are being well-taken care of.

Keep your chins up! We love you.

The Welch Family said...

How cool is this - I found your site!! So sorry about your computer. What happened?

We missed seeing you today! Valerie's site is (with pictures) and updates are on our blog

Great news about the tear. Maybe we will see you tomorrow - I will bring my laptop so you can update if we see each other.

7HAMS said...

Hey! One of my best friends Gracie Karl decided that she wanted to donate her hair to Devrs. We just would like to know if Devree can use really curly blonde hair. lol. She won't be able to send it out until March 22 because she has to wait till after she is done with the play. Well I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! And I can not wait until I can come visit you!!! It will be a lot of fun. I will try to take a LOT of photos during my play so you can feel like you got to come watch it. See you soon!!!!


tammyella said...

oh my dearest Devree, i'm so sorry you had a bad day. :_( you are so strong, you inspire and amaze me every single day :) i can't wait till you get to come home and i can see you :) while i know we're both hoping for a sleep-over at some point, even if that doesn't work out, i swear i would comedown everyday to see you if even just for an hour or less. you are more then my best friend Devree; you're the sister i was never born with, but always meant to have. you're my family, and i'll never let you go. if you were coming home tomorrow but wanted to see me tonight, i would buy a plan ticket and high tail it over there!!! lol i love you my darling, with all my heart. i hopw you have a better day tomorrow <3