Monday, February 2, 2009


So we have had a ton of things happen this weekend. I went shopping, set up our new little apartment in TARGET HOUSE II. That is a fancy schmancy place. We have a grand piano in the music room, the state of the art fitness center with "Spa" facilities where we can get manicures, facials, haircuts etc a teen room with everything you can imagaine, a huge catering kitchen where they offer dinners once in awhile, a BBQ area and what we love the most a HUGE craft room.

We went to Celest and Breck's Saturday afternoon. Devree was craving smores so we had to have that and then Sunday we went to the Germantown ward and had a wonderful welcome with lots of people showing their support and fullfilling any little need we wanted. They are a great ward with 6 boys and 3 other girls in her Sunday School class and a huge group of young women.

During half-time of the superbowl, and yes Ky I actually watched a little bit of it. It was sad that the underdog did not win. Devree asked me to shave her head. Hence shaved one side, then the other then we tried to do a mohawk. Devree has already got a lot of new looks with hats, scarf and a wonderful girl named Rachel in the Germantown ward. She makes wigs. She came over and measured Devree's head and even styled one of her wigs for Devree to wear. She is going to make Devree a wig out of all of those that donate hair for Devree. It takes about 6 weeks to make a wig once we have the hair.

The Target House we will try to send pictures and they have lots of scheduled events there to keep us busy and entertained as well. Radiation will start on Wednesday.

Thanks for all of your prayers.


KyandTammie said...

Devree, Your spirit is beaming brightly in those photos! We fasted yesterday for you, your family and the doctors to be guided to do the right thing. I have such a strong testimony of the power of prayer and fasting. Heavenly Father is with you, I have no doubt!!

We love you,
Aunt Tammie

PaulaShawn said...

Perfect! You have a perfectly shaped head!! Not everyone could sport that do. You look super!!!

Barry and Jeanni said...

You are lucky to have such a pretty shaped head!! Where do we have people send the hair?

Hamblin Family said...

I am going to have Connie O'Barr collect it and send it. It needs to be at least 11 inches long. It needs to be sent to my sister-in-law Celest because Rachel is in her ward. The one doing the wig.

Mark Katy said...

We love you Dev!! Maybe we could get a picture with you and Mark and Bro Workmen and Bro Crestwell and Bro Jones and Bro Olsen and Bro Neumister and call it A Beauty amung Beasts, or something. ;-) Kendra misses you and is including you (and your docs) in her nightly prayers, as are we. Take care, ALL OF YOU!
The Gardners

Mark Katy said...

I have donated my hair severl times to locks for love. The last time I cut it I forgot to send it in, and I ran across it the other day. I still have it in a bag all nice an neat. Can you use it? If so where do I send it? Have your Mom call me if I can help. Luv Ya Girl! ~ Katy Gardner

Val, Jed, Claire, and Annaliese said...

Now Breck and Deveree match! :)

Sue said...

Wow, not bad for a bald head! I like it.
We love you and miss you.
Hang in there girl.

Breck, Celest, Tayzia, Talon, Kallie, and Jackson Rice said...

This weekend was fun! We shopped, put up the bulletin board at the church (with expert advice from Devree and Tayzia it turned out great), made a bon-fire, and ate way too much food at our super bowl party, and then we shaved Devree's head! We gathered up cute hats and scarves and Devree looked fantastic in all of them! We Love You!!!

laurie said...

I want to come and make crafts with you guys in your craft room! How fun! Brody and I dyed a whole whack of macaroni and he has been creating macaroni art he loves to stay busy so I have to keep one jump ahead of him! I am making a cute baby quilt for Summer's new baby and have been looking for fabric with The Jonas brothers on it but alas nothing so far but I am still looking! how cool would a Jonas brothers quilt be for you to cuddle up in! Bailey and I need a project to keep us busy we had another foot of snow this weekend and well we can't wait for it to LEAVE! We love you and think you are BEAUTIFUL with your new look! Lots of love Ballard, Laurie, Bailey and Brody

tammyella said...

wow Devree...........well, it's definitely a new look!!!!! lol i llove you sooooooo much babe, and i had a great day today because of your call this morning. love you!!!!!!


Isbjorn said...

Shana I'll be home from NYC Wednesday, let me know what I need to do to get the hair together and where to send it. Emma's ready to cut when you say the word.
Connie O

Kacey said...

Devree, I am not sure if I have quite 11 inches of hair but I am going to measure. If not, I will send it when I do. It sounds like you have plenty of people willing to send their hair which is great!!! Ben and I are planning on coming to TN in April to visit you! We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Kyree always remembers you in her prayers and says your name really cute. You are such a strong person and we love you!
Ben, Kacey, Kyree, & Kalene

brian said...

I am a friend of The Miller Family in the Carson Valley 1st Ward. Cami Miller knew I was growing my hair out for locks of love and have plenty to give. Are you still looking for hair for the wig? Would be happy to send it wherever.

Laurie Doane