Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mr. Mom

Mr. Mom has been trying to get up to speed. I always thought about shopping as a fun thing. Now it kind of feels like work, I’m not sure why though. It isn’t just my perception though. “Oh, we need to go back and get Valentine’s Day cards!” I exclaim as we walk out of Walmart. “No!!!” says Dane as he tugs me towards the car.

I know my shopping skills make Shana roll her eyes, but when my sweet 7 year old Dane can’t stand it any more… Well, perhaps I need to work on my shopping ability. I know I’ll get better, but right now even the thought of going shopping makes me tired.

Normal house hold chores are sometimes a struggle. When you consider that there are only a few precious hours in the evening to get everything done. The other evening Shay and Dane were having a snack before dinner. Within a short time they both had spills in the kitchen that got their shirts and their pants dirty enough that they were both in new outfits. (I can’t believe I’m even mentioning it. It’s just that getting the laundry done had been difficult last week.)

My support group is other men. Men don’t understand why something like that could be frustrating. Actually I understood mentally why it would be frustrating, but that is way different than actually feeling the frustration. Shana, I apologize for all the times that I just didn’t appreciate what you were going through. Now I understand how shopping is work, and how meal ideas can be difficult. What an amazing world I have entered.

Another thing that happened last week was Noble’s Honor Band Concert. Noble was selected to participate in Honor Band. He had to try out, and was one of the kids selected from Northern Nevada. I loved his concert, and I was amazed at how good the Honor Band was with only 2 days of practice. “Good Job Noble!!!”

Dane and Shay came with me to support Noble, but didn’t share my enthusiasm. Dane put his head on my lap about 15 minutes into the concert. Somehow he fell asleep even though we were sitting on seats like those found in a movie theatre. Shay and I were amazed that he was able to sleep through 45 minutes of the concert.

I don’t know why exactly, but for some reason I thought this would be a great “Kodak Moment.” So I gave our camera to Shay and told him to take a picture after the last number was over. I didn’t think it would be too bad to take a picture after the lights were back on. It didn’t work out how I envisioned though. The last number had a trumpet fanfare that startled Dane. Shay didn’t want to miss our “Kodak Moment” so he took aim, and fired.

Talk about embarrassing when all of those heads turned in our direction.

This kind of thing only happens to me. When Shana is present, there is order in the universe.

Celebrating Noble's succesful Honor Band Concert with a Blizzard from Dairy Queen.



7HAMS said...

Todd it so good to hear how things are going back home for you guys! We love you all so much also. I'm sure it is really hard to be so far from the women in your family and not be able to reach out and hug them when they have bad days and when you have bad days! You are such a great support to your family during this trial. It is good to see that you boys are having fun and conquering all of the necessary ins and outs of daily living. You are in our prayers constantly too! Just wanted to say we love you!

Leah said...

You're doing a great job as Mr. Mom! Your boys looked good yesterday at church. I love the story about Noble's Honor Band concert! Keep up the great work!!

Hamblin Family said...


Thank you for being so kind. I was meaning to throw in some of the funny things that the boys and I are experiencing. I didn't mean to complain.

You are right about not being able to be together. I think Shana and Devree could have used some hugs today.

If we could just find a combination of medicine that will help Devree with the nausea. It's so hard to just be on the side lines and not be able to make it even a little better.

We appreciate you being there with us through it all. Thank you for cheering us on!

Love you guys!

KyandTammie said...

Hey Todd...
Everyone knows what a great job you are doing! I know you miss the girls..they miss you too I am sure.

Soon, you will all be back together! Yea!!

We love you,
Ky and Tammie

Kacey said...

Keep up the good work there at home! Sounds like you are doing a fine job!