Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

The pictures we are going to try to post are of our door to the apartment. Devree decorated it. Notice her "Mormon Ad" from the New Era "Be your own kind of Beautiful". She is wearing a new hat that our wonderful new friend Brenda gave to us. Brenda has been giving us little bags with gifts to countdown our weeks of radiation. Devree is also wearing her T-shirt that she made last night in the craft room. We met our new friend Simon from Scotland there. Devree made her "Radiation Vacation" T-shirt and has received numerous compliments on it today. Many people said she needs to market them. Then we have a picture of the Target House. Celest, Breck, Tayzia, Talon, Kallie and Jackson all came to see our place yesterday. They brought a wonderful plaque that cousin Summer made in Canada and sent to us. It is a saying whatDevree learned from young women. "You are second to none. You are a daughter of God." Jackson saw lots of things he liked because it is so geared for little kids. We didn't show him the playground yet because they could only stay for a few minutes.

Yesterday was a pretty hard day. Devree's medication didn't help her with the nausea and I laughed to myself that when she was surrounded by medical staff and started to vomit in her container, they all took a few steps back. We found a new nurse named Ebony, that is like our other favorite nurse in LPCH. This Ebony will sing with us and laugh with us and she knows how to get blood from Devree even if she is dehydrated. She told us that anybody with a name like Ebony will be great. Today we sang "Here comes the sun" by the Beattles and she sang right along with us. Anyway "E" clinic put Devree on a IV yesterday and we are borrowing a wheelchair and "We've got a new drug! One that doesn't make us sick." (Huey Lewis and the News) She held down her dinner and breakfast and is not having the nausea at all! HOORAY! Let us hope we have now found the magic mix of drugs to help her feel good.

She will have to have an EEG because they think she is having seizures and why she is falling alot. That is why she is in a wheelchair. We will let you know what the outcome of that is. We had a consultation with the radiologist and she has 16 more sessions on her spine and 20? more on her cranium. That seems less than we were told because they do them at the same time. So 20 more sessions sounds much better than 29 after today. But I am not counting my chickens yet because Dr. One More Thing did not tell us that. He is the one that decides.

So sweet cousin Summer is going to get our blog looking better and she has asked us what Devree's favorite songs are. So we look forward to her juicing us up.

We are looking forward to Hamblin Aunts, Uncles and 2 cousins visiting us soon. We hope that Devree will be feeling great for that visit.


KyandTammie said...

Oh fun...A party! You two girls have a blast with the Hamblin Family! Play lots of loud music, eat lots of junk food and dance like noone is watching!!!


walkinourshoes said...

It looks like your spirits are high. I love the decorations. We are so happy that you are feeling better. We love you, tons.

angelicindy said...

Thank goodness for good medicine! And I think they're totally right; you should market your t-shirt! It's all about the positive thinking and it's clever too! Hey, Chris says to tell you that she's sending a little something in the mail this week.

Hamblin Family said...

I ADORE mail! Thank you Darcy for your note and we will look forward to Chris'. We had a much better day. Now we have to fatten Devree up because she lost 7 lbs in 4 days.

Summer what an awesome job!!! It is so beautiful!

walkinourshoes said...

I love the background and the music, it's fabulous.

PaulaShawn said...

Your blog is more like you now. Very cute! Forget about marketing the t-shirt. Market the 7 pounds in 4 days thing. That will make you rich! Just don't give all the hard details to people. Glad you are feeling better and the length of your treatments might be shortened. Another miracle!

tammyella said...

haha i love the music my dear!!!!!!! i'm thinking of you everyday and wearing the necklace!!!! i'm sorry to hear you've been having some rough nights and days the past few, but you're such a fighter!!!!!!! i loe you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much my darling!!!!!!!!! feel better, and i hope you have a great day tomorrow :)


Cyndi said...

Hey, Devree, I love the hairdo! Now you will look like a Beatle when you sing "Here Comes the Sun". Hope tomorrow will be an even better day! Since you are now destined to be a clothing designer, and according to the Heussers, a diet guru, you have a great future ahead of you!!!
Love ya' lots,
Cyndi Cordell

Manalope Extrem said...

Hey bud,
Miss ya, everywhere you have been I see a small light that you left behind. They're not as bright as they were when you were here but it shows how much you matter to our everyday lives. Like one of my 2 best friends (your brother) just is not the same in the mornings without you to talk him up in the morning time. We leave for the cruise on Saturday and i hope that we can kick some of the kid we all love back into him!!!

I hear people talking about you everywhere i go! Whenever i hear the essence of your name it brings a teary smile to my face, and only because I know the light you left here is still glowing, and it will keep going as long as you have someone here to to stoke the fire. And you have nothing but people.
I was in my National Honor Society meeting today and they said they wanted to put something together for you. Well i thought i would ask and see what they let you have and what we could send?

A while back I read that we cant send food/fruit basket. You know me always pondering strange things well it got me thinking that it would be awesome if i weave a basket out of licorice...i don't know i guess thats just me :) lol

If you get the time to take a break i want you to find a nice size tree take a blanket and a book you have been meaning to read, and do it. I not the best reader but i have always found that the best environment for peace is our own mother earth and a great literary fantasy!

"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless."
-Mother Teresa

I like this quote Miss Mead shared it with me, I don't know why but i thought i should share it with you.

Sorry for the novel, lol, but i should get to bed.

Love ya Devree!!

Manny (your other brother)

Hamblin Family said...

Devree is so far away, but she is definitely not alone. You all reach out and lift her with your love and support.

Thank you so much for all your love and lifting!!


Hamblin Family said...

Manny, right now it has been raining for 2 days. She does enjoy reading whenever she has a free moment. She really is enjoying reading Romeo and Juliet. About the package, we are not going to request anything, because frankly Devree and I can't think of one thing. But it will be interesting to see what you guys think of. Have fun on the cruise and put the kid back in Nobie.
Love, Your other Mom

Kacey said...

Summer did a great job! I need her to do a blog for me!!! Devree we can't wait to visit you!

Wibbit said...

I love the background and music. I can't WAIT till I can come see you and see all these things for real. Are those elephants in front plants or rocks? I'm gonna take lots of pictures during the play so you can feel like you were there and I will bring this puzzle that I haven't done yet...its' a pretty amazing Twilight Puzzle!!! Kelli and her crew say That they love you and kelli wishes she could come see you too. So I hope you feel better, I know puking sucks. I just had a really bad stomach flu a week or two ago. So I will keep you in my prayers. OH! HEy I have a friend at school her name is gracie karl. She has a LOT of hair and wants to donate 11 inches but she is not for sure so could you let me know if you could use it she has long blonde curly hair so I didn't know if you could use curly blonde hair or not. Well.... I LOVE YOU!!!

<3 Liz