Friday, February 13, 2009

Free Friday

This is Talon and Uncle Breck and unhappy Jackson at Tayzia's cheer performance.
Tayzia and Devree showing her "BLONDENESS". Aunt Tammie we are still searching for a red wig!
This is Tayzia and our new friend Brenda Griffin who has been so charitable to us in lending us a car while we are here and giving us a ton of stuff that we love!
Today we have to go to Radiation for a 1/2 hour and then we are FREE to go to a movie or shopping or whatever. We are looking forward to having Kallie come to the knitting class with us at Target House and then she is going to spend the night. We thought we would share some fun pictures and heeeeere is Devree. YEA!
Thank you thank you! omigoodness i feel funny becaue i'm supposed to be ready to leave the house and i'm in my pjs and a blonde wig. wow. i just wanted to say happy Belated birthdays to Aunt Kalene and Kaeliegh and happy almost birthday to Teri. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO EVERONE!!! Even tho i know valentine's Day is tomorrow. I dreamt up a really great story start last night but i don't remember it now....bogus. I have gotten a million and two posters since i've arrived in Memphis and this morning we tried to find a plce for them all in me temparary room and we failed...tear tear. GASP i got a button that says "Alice Cullen is my favorite Vampire!" It makes me happy. I don't see Dr. Carlisle today so i can't tell him that's his name.....OOH my stitches FINALLY came out! I have to go but i love you guys!
~Little Miss Alice(Devree)


walkinourshoes said...

Devree you you a very cute blonde. I love the pictures. Keep Smiling!
Love, Koe

walkinourshoes said...

Sorry about the typo's

KyandTammie said... look great as a blonde Devree! It sounds so great having family around. So, on this free Friday what sounds fun?

Uncle Ky and I took Megan and Spencer to see Mall Cop and we laughed our heads off! Finally..a clean, funny movie that I didn't want to walk out of! Yea!!

We are off this morning to the High School orientation for Megan and Spencer. Redwood High, here they come!

Staci said...

it's so good to see you you ever stop? we miss you.

Leah said...

Isn't it fun being a blonde?! I personally , think it's the best! =)

tammyella said...

haha thank you my dear!!!! that was the best birthday present i'm sure i'll get on sunday when you called me to say hey. i miss you so much, and that just put a great big smile on my face!!! :) and WOW you look different as a blonde!!! haha you look WEIRD!!!! lol j/k i'm just not used to it. so anyway, i didn't make the school musical :_( but oh well........i love you sooooooo much, and i love to see the pics of your smiles!!!!! lol love you my darling!!!!!


hrhbeccav said...

if you could find a blsck wig, then you would look like alice cullen!!! but i am diggin the blonde too. the movie comes out on the 21 of march!!! i preordered maybe when you get back??? and... if you want ot know what is oging on here (not like you don't have plenty of people feeding it to you.....i have a blog too)


Arianne said...

Hello Hamblin family,
Dropping in to say hello and tell you that we think of you often. Blond looks fun. Here's hoping for a relaxing, barf-free weekend for Devree and Shana. Madsen's looking forward to some playtime with Dane today.
Love, The Evans