Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cyber Stalked!

We have three pictures of Devree. One she is singing at the Target party last night. Target bigwigs came from all over and they had Chik-filet? cater and then they had crafts and candy and Kareoki?. Devree loved it! She got up there for 3 songs. The picture of her is singing or talking "The Devil went down to Georgia". The next picture is of Devree and her new friend Emma that is 12 and went to young womens tonight. The other picture is her with 2 packages she received from Aunt Mary. Aunt Mary's Mom Janie sent Devree a cool blanket, red fuzzy jammie bottoms, a stuffed bear, a heart pillow, 2 pairs of socks and I am probably forgetting something. Then Aunt Mary sent her another package with a Sullivan High School sweatshirt with "Hamblin" on the back. Devree wanted her Dad to send her sweatshirt from home so she was excited. Macy picked out a cool monkey watch and Mary's sister, Debbie made her a very nice blanket. Thank you all! To those back home, our new home and those far away, THANK YOU for all of the good things you send, especially all of the prayers.

Well we have been cyber-stalked. One of the fun nurses, Ginny, had to know what Dr. Armstrong's nickname was. She googled us. Then even Dr. One More Thing yesterday knew his nickname. He teased with us and said "Oh and One More Thing...". Devree still has 29 more business days. Devree doesn't mind so much now that the meds are still working. She partied hard last night and she still feels good. She has decided that Dr. Armstrong's new nickname is Dr. Carlisle because Dr. Armstrong is her favorite "Real" doctor and Dr. Carlisle is her favorite "Fake" doctor. Dr. Armstrong hasn't read "Twilight" so he won't know.

Good News! The preliminary findings are Devree is not having seizures. They think that she only fainted due to dehydration. We won't know for sure till the doctors at another hospital read it and reply.


Hamblin Family said...


So Ginny is a lot of fun, and she's a smart cookie. :-)

I love all the nicknames, and your team is absolutely wonderful!!! Thank you all so much for what you do!

Todd (Dad)

momof6 said...

Where are the pics!? I would love to see Devree singing Kareoke! I'm so glad that you liked your packages. We need to put one together for your brothers so they can share in the fun too! Let me know if you have any ideas of anything that they might like or think was "cool"! I love you both!


KyandTammie said...

Yea!! You girls sound like you partied hard. I can't wait to see the pictures.

I love the new blog site. So pretty and fun music. Great job Summer.

I am thrilled there is a possiblity that Devers is not having seizures.

We love you both..

lusum54 said...

Can't wait to see the cute pics too. Soooo glad the meds are working for you now Devree. It is so fun to hear Kayleb and Thayne saying their prayers, and praying for you. Tripp is probably talking to Heavenly Father too we just can't hear it. For some reason they have been repeating Aunt Shana's name. It must be fun to say and you guys are constantly on our minds.
Love ya Summer

hrhbeccav said...

hey devree.... hope you are feeling a little better. We all miss you here. but hang in there!!!! My entire family is praying for you and we all love you!!

lusum54 said...

UNcle Todd-
I was happy to see your post about appreciating Aunt Shana and all that she does. Mommy's are super BUSY people but, I appreciate what the Daddy's do too. I SURE would not want to go out and be in the workplace everyday either.
So, I guess all of you will be stronger and appreciate everyone in the fam and the part that they play once you get to be together again.
Hang in there, when it gets warmer the boys can wear shortsand no socks. That does not make as much laundry for you to do :) I detest laundry too.
Love Summer

BECCAV said...

i would like to send Devree a few "special" gifts to get her through the tough times of the loss of her hair. are there any specific colors she is partial too???

tammyella said...

hey Devs!!!! haha i love you sooooo much!!!! and i LOVE the song!!!!!! haha XD well, today was the last day of auditions for the school musical Pippin, so wish me luck!!!! haha the casting list goes up on friday. there are 6 lead roles (3 girl 3 guy) and 26 CHORUS PARTS!!!!!!! lol so lets hope i made it!!!! love you dearest!!!!! <3


7HAMS said...

So glad to hear that you are having some fun down there!! It was also great to hear that Devree has been not as sick!! That is great news!!! Can't wait to see the karaoke pics!!
Love you both a lot,

PaulaShawn said...

I love to see that you are still living it up despite it all! Having fun in the midst of a radiation vacation - you are the best!!

Kara said...

you are in our prayers and we love you. your beautiful.
♥/your dad's favorite cousin Andrea Hatch Gilstrap and her awesome daughter Kara (who just happens to be writing this message :) )

Hamblin Family said...

Thanks Summer! We are doing much better.

I have felt a little like I shouldn't have made that post. My thought was to share the humor of my Mr. Mom experience.

After the fact I felt like I was complaining during a difficult time for Shana and Devree. Poor Shana was a nervous wreck worrying about Devree, and she ended up worrying about home at the same time. Poor Aunt Shana.

Thank you so much for dressing up Devree's blog. We all love it!!!

Uncle Todd

Hamblin Family said...

Hi Kara & Andrea,

Thank you for your prayers and posting your support. It really helps to have a cheering section. lol When you all tell us that you are thinking about us and remembering us in your prayers... It's great to feel loved and supported. :)

Love you guys!
Cousin Todd

laurie said...

How scary to have you pass out Devree! Aunt Shana you are so brave I am a complete wreck when Brody or Bailey stub their toes! We are so happy to hear they finally found a drug combination that is making you feel better! Did you watch the Jonas brothers on the Grammy's?? I have a cute story to share with you I was telling Ballard all about what you are going through and I mentioned how you went from staying in the grizzly room to having your own apartment well he thought the grizzly room had to be this cool room full of taxidermy and was it decorated with furniture from cabelas and he just thought how cool I had to burst his bubble by telling him it was a sport theme from a basketball team he thought a taxidermy room would have been way cooler! I said for a girl no but a boy like him suuuure! Anyway we are thinking of you EVERY day and send lots of hugs hang in there! Love Ballard, Laurie, Bailey and Brody!

Hamblin Family said...

Becca thank you. Colors I am partial too???? Purple for sure!

Thanks again, Devree