Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pray Devree's Doctors Receive Inspiration

1/31/2009 11:25 PM
Today has been a very busy day for Shana and Devree. They moved into their new 2 bedroom suite. (It seems extravagant at first, but it isn’t when you realize that the sick kid undergoing chemo is sleeping all the time in the other room.) The move wore poor Devree out. She slept long and hard while Shana went out into their new world and started collecting the things that they need to set up house.

We are so grateful for the car that Shana is able to use. Our new Germantown Ward has been so supportive. Thank you so very very much!!!

Aunt Danawn called with a wonderful question. This Sunday is “Fast Sunday” for all of us Mormon type folks. (Fasting is when we skip two meals. The sacrifice helps us feel nearer to our Heavenly Father, and it is an excellent time to pray for those things that are really important.) She asked if there was something specific that everyone should be fasting and praying for. My first thought was, “I want to go for the whole enchilada!!!” As long as we are praying for miracles, I want to pray for a complete recovery.

I searched my heart more… A very important thing will be happening in the next couple of days. Devree’s doctors will be deciding her treatment. There are so many of you praying for her… Will you please pray that the doctors will be inspired as they decide on Devree’s treatment plan? I’m not sure how often the names on a prayer roll change, but it would be perfect if her name were on all those prayer lists again during this time.

We keep learning more about this world of cancer fighters. Our boys have received little packets from an organization called “SuperSibs!” ( They are concerned about siblings that develop emotional problems because Mom & Dad are putting all of their energy into their child with cancer. Some kids really begin to feel lonely and forgotten.

Anyhow, our boys all received a magnet that lists all of the different emotions that a person could possibly have. There is another magnet in the shape of a window frame. Each of the boys can put their window frame around the emotion that they are feeling.

Noble led the way and put his up on the fridge and selected the happy face. Shay and Dane decided to follow his lead. Shay and Dane selected “happy” too. Whew!!! I’ll have to keep an eye on their charts. Shana and I have really been trying to focus on how the boys are doing.

This is too long, but I have to share one funny thing with you. Mr. Mom has been doing laundry today. When I finish folding and hanging up the whites, I notice that Shay’s white shirt for church is not in the load. “Shay! Where is your white shirt? It wasn’t in the laundry.” I holler. “Ummm…” he says with a smile, as he goes to look for it. Yes, it was rumpled in the bottom of his closet.

Yeah! The same thing happened last Sunday too. So I decided to teach him a lesson, and have him wash it by hand. His face immediately brightens, “Can I wash it in the shower?” Hey! I thought it was creative. I got his white shirt clean, and Shay took a shower. That meant I could cross two things off my list. Sorry Shana, what can you expect, we’re guys. LOL

Love you all!


tammyella said...

haha!!!! of course, typical guys. lol i'll be praying for Devree everyday, especially now. (that's saying something for me, because i'm not mormon lol XD) i love her so much, and it would mean a lot to me if you could tell her so when you talk to her next, since i don't have a hone number to reach her at. :( i love you so much babe, i'm thinking of you always!!!! i haven't taken off that necklace hardly at all since you left. <3 tell her that for me please :)


Hamblin Family said...


I will tell her. Thank you so much for keeping Devree in your prayers.


Powla said...

I absolutely loved this post, Todd. My boys laughed and laughed about Shay in the shower with his white shirt. You know that you just fed them an idea, right?

And I love the suggestion to pray for Devree's doctors to be inspired. I will do that in my countless little prayers I say every day for her. I love you!

Devin said...

So, this doesn't have anything to do with the article, but I wanted to post this and tell Devree that in support of her, then I shaved my head this morning!! I know that she wasn't doing so until later this afternoon, but my mom had to trim Brendens hair, and so I did mine at the same time!! I'll send a picture later, I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you guys!!
Tons of Love and Friendship,

Kaia Galloway!!

tammyella said...

she is the closest thing i've ever had to a sister. she's like family to me. she is #1 on my friend list, and probably right after my mom on my family list. i love her sooooooo much, i can't explain it in words. thank you so much for letting her know how much i care about her <3

PaulaShawn said...

I have to tell you Hamblin women of the touching meeting we had at church today. A giant of a man got up and shared a sweet and powerful testimony of the reality of his Heavenly Father, of how he trusts in Him and knows that he is loved by Him. This giant is carrying a weight that seems too great to bear, but he is doing it--even with happiness--because of his tremendous faith. What a beautiful message he shared with all of us, his family at church. He spoke with deep humility, but also with incredible strength and power. You are turning him into quite the man, Devree! And you would be amazed at your own power, Devree. You are affecting people (close friends, family member, and even strangers) in ways that are changing their very souls. What trust your Heavenly Father has in you. You truly are one of His most choice daughters, I have no doubt of that. Won't it be fun when we are able to see more clearly just how important our individual lives are in helping our Heavenly Father in doing His work, in spreading His love, in sharing His hope. Wow, is he ever using you, Little Miss Alice! I know as a parent I often ask the kid who will actually do the work without a battle to do more than his/her share of the work, just because I know it will get done and get done well. I think Heavenly Father has seen in you and in your family that He can count on you to get His work done. Work is never easy and it's not usually fun, but miracles happen because of work. I am bracing myself to witness life changing miracles. It is a privilege to know and love you, to pray for you and increase my faith because of you!! Thank you for your shining light, Devree.

And so you look a little bit more like your dad now with your new haircut and all. Remember, he's a giant of a man; be proud to look like him!

You guys are great! Thank you for how you live and love. Our thougts are always with you.

Jeff Young said...

Great post, Todd! I think I am going to start doing all of my laundry like that! Jeff and Becky just told us about this blog today so we will be keeping tabs on what's up with you guys, too. I don't think Devree knows me, but be sure to let her know that we are praying for her, too. After all, what affects one Hamblin affects them all and the Hamblin clan means the world to me. Keep strong!

Jeff Young

The Neumeisters said...

I ditto the message from the Heussers. There should have been a box of kleenex at every pew - the spirit was strong and the Dayton Ward Family became a little bit closer today. Devree, you and your family are loved by your Heavenly Father and by a tremendous number of people who are keeping all of you in our prayers. I, too, have been thinking about the doctors entrusted to your care and know they will be guided to make the right decisions. We are all growing through your faithfulness.
Love, Pam & Gary

P.S. Gary and I look forward to seeing you in April when we come through Memphis. If there is anything we can bring to you, let us know before the end of March! P & G

Michelle Dudley said...

Hey, Devree. I don't know if you remember me from camp or not, but I've been reading your sweet updates and want you to know that I love you and am praying for you, too. I smiled when I saw the Happily Ever After shirt in one of your photos. I'll pray for more good news days amd that you'll feel Heavenly Father directing you and your doctors.

Much love - Michelle

paula said...

That photo gives new meaning to "multi-tasking"! Pretty cute & funny....laughter is important. I loved it. Thanks for giving us the suggestion for the directions of our prayers for Devree's care & Doctors.
Lots of love & well wishes for you all.
btw, Shana ~ have you got a mailing address yet? Are there any restrictions? I don't recall seeing one posted.