Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Radiation Vacation

So today we had our first day at St. Jude. I felt like I was back in school again. We first went and they gave us our schedule for the day. They kept us very busy from 7 am till 3pm. We went and met our nurse whose easy to remember because her name is Lindsay. Our doctor who is Dr. Armstrong. A real blessing because he is a Pediatric Nuerosurgeon Oncologist. Wow! Three doctors rolled into one! But you know what the best thing is? He has worked at 3 other specialty children's hospitals. He agreed that St. Jude's is the best to treat Devree's case. He is quite handsome with black hair and big blue eyes. Another best thing is he doesn't have halitosis. He related well to Devree even teasing her and amazed at her reply for what she has named her "RADIATION VACATION". Dr. Armstrong said that is the first time he heard that one. The day continued to meet the anesthesioligist, one of the high school teachers where she only has to go like 3 hours a week and if she doesn't feel up to it, she doesn't have to be there. We met the chaplain who is a wonderful man and knew who Chase Burch is and he loved the "Radiation Vacation" too. A very positive individual and just wants to be there to strengthen our faith. Oh I forgot to tell you a really wonderful part of St. Jude is the cafeteria where..."Are you reading Noble, Shay and Dane?...they have a gelato stand. It has the best mango gelato I have ever tasted! Tonight through Friday we are staying at the Grizzly house and then we don't know if we will stay at the Ronald McDonald house or the Target house. The Grizzly house is named after the Memphis Grizzlies (Basketball) and our room is faaaaancy!
I can't thank Breck, Celest, Tayzia, Talon, Kallie and Jackson enough for the wonderful welcome and the opportunity to meet several wonderful people in their ward. From lending a car, meeting the whole young women including the leaders and the Relief Society President, I know we will enjoy this time in Memphis and Germantown. We already are thinking it is like a vacation.
Loved all of your comments. Jana, it was wonderful to hear from you. Thank you to the "other brother" too. We could tell it was Manny before you said it was you!
Love, Shana


soggycheerios said...

Yay!!! an update, I've been stalking your blog all day long... Glad things are going well. Can't beat a school schedule like that one.
Connie O

Arianne said...

I'm impressed with how well they orient you. That's great. You'll all be well cared for. We're looking forward to having Dane here tonight.

walkinourshoes said...

It sounds like you all are in good hands. Thanks, for the update. We love you.
The Jensen's