Sunday, January 11, 2009

Devree's Blog

Me in a hole in a purple wall at the Children's Museum

Mom & Me in front of an Elephant at the Children's Hospital

Me in Wonderland

Me as a Flower in Wonderland

Me & Daddy in front of the Hospital

*fanfare* DEVREE’S BLOG! *hip hip hooray!* Oh thank you, thank you! Really, I can’t thank you guys enough for all you do to support and look out for our family. It’s really great.
Sigh. I’m sick of doctors. I mean I adore the attention but I don’t like that it’s because I’m sick. I’m not looking forward to being tested. I’m not looking forward to having a bunch of strangers look after me but I am looking forward to the attention!
Daddy didn’t tell you about my super cool hat! Well, as soon as I get into the car with my MRI dots, Daddy goes off and says “They’re not so bad. They sorta look like Frankenstein!” I was all like “Well thanks a lot dad! That totally boosts my self esteem!” (Like I need a boost, pshhhh! ;D) So when we went to San Fran yesterday We went to all these fun shops like a Sock shop and an Ireland shop but then we came across Crazy Caps! So we were looking through the window before we went in and Saw a Jonas Brothers hat. EEEEEEH!!!!! I <3>=( Oh well. ^.^ So I went to Young Women’s and Sunday School and that was fun.
Ooh! Guess what! Noble called and said he had Good news, Bad news, and a name for Dad. Ready? Bad news: Dad was released from the 1st counselor position of the Bishopric. (pshhh, bad news? Puh-lease!) Good news: Dad could grow back his mustache! (though I’m not quite sure he will) Names: Bishop Heusser (Hoho! *wriggles eyebrows* *Big picture of Bishop Heusser as a superhero*), Bro. 1st Counselor Clark, and Bro. 2nd Counselor Fraser! Wow, wow, wow! Amazing!!!

This is Alcatraz...I hope you know that!

This is Devree(Me)'s Jonas Brothers hat!

So here I am…waiting until my surgery…>=( With my cool Jonas Brothers hat. ^.^ I’ll let you know when something good happens! Loves ya!

~Devree (Little Miss Alice)


Teacher said...

I was at your ward today for their ward conference. You have an amazing ward, and they love you so much. Positive thoughts and prayers are abounding to you from the Carson City area. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you tomorrow. You are such a special young woman. We all love you.
Sister Kim Whisler
(In case you forgot, I am the Stake Young Women President)

Hamblin Family said...

I know who you are! tee hee!
I know, i have amazing Freinds who are all looking out for me and praying. It's so great to feel this popular! No one else is a popular as me in the US!!!haha just kidding.

Staci said...

I can't tell you how happy you make me. Seeing your smile on this blog makes everything okay. Sister Johnston said, 'I've never seen Devree W/O a smile!' You are in our thoughts and prayers. Your brothers are coming for dinner tonight and hopefully tomorrow night if they can stand my cooking! We wish you well for tomorrow and will add your name to the Washington D.C. temple prayer roll. Is your name on that one? Is there a temple prayer roll you'd like to be on? Let me know and I will make it happen. I love the internet. See you soon.
Sister Creswell

tammyella said...

devree my darling, that's one AWESOME Jonas brothers hat!!!! lol i called your brother today to get a number where i could reach you at, but he said he wasn't aloud to give me your parents' numbers!!!!! :( i really wanted to talk to you today, to see how you're doing, and tell you you're in my thoughts always, and that's flippin awesome that your tumor is famous!!!!!! lol you're the most important person in my life devree (besides my madre) and i couldn't live without you. <3 i'll be thinking of you all day tomorrow sending you my good thoughts, and praying for the best. <3 i love you babe, and i'll be seeing you soon enough!!!!!

tammyella said...

that was from you're bestest buddy btw......eet eez me!!!!!! little Teri!!!!

Hamblin Family said...

Sister Creswell, That would be fabulous! Then i would truly be known alll over the US!!! that would be super fantabulous, splendiferous, serendipitous and any other fun word you can think of! I'm glad you guys are still looking out for me when i'm far away!
Miss Teri! How could i NOT know it's from you miss "Tammyella"! I'm glad i'm so loved! Ugh, hospitals....I hate Doctors...Except for Carlisle! He's my favorite.
Loves you guys!
~Devree(Little Miss Alice)

tammyella said...

haha, you know i wuv you babe!!!!!! you'd better call me the second you're conscious tomorrow!!!!!!!! lol oh, and Jacob Woods was going to send this message to you, but couldn't figure out how, so he asked me to copy and paste it to you!!!

hey wuts up? r they treating you good over there? they better be. heard bout the tumor, sounds like your a celebrity over there. well im just saying that i hope it goes well, and if you need any spare parts, i've got um, you need a chunk of brain? U can have a piece of mine 1/4 a 1/2 a 3/4, any fraction of it you can have, the offer is on the table just make sure they junk me way up on morphine, cause if i feel a knife cutting out a chunk of my brain, im gonna have a real bad day.


soggycheerios said...

You young people crack me up... when did I get old?
Keep the posts coming, there's lots of people obsessed with how your doing! Hope all goes well tomorrow, we are praying for you and the doctors.
-Connie O'Barr

Barry and Jeanni said...

I love your blog! You will be in our prayers and thoughts! So glad you are having fun in San Fran! I like to go there and people watch :)

Hamblin Family said...

Hey jake!
Yeah sorry i didn't tell you straight up....i haven't been on myspace...Nah, jake you can keep your smarts, you need them more than me. lol j/k I miss you guys!
~Devree(Little Miss Alice)

Hamblin Family said...

Connie, you aren't old! Maybe you think you're old because you stopped playing.
You don't stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing!
I love you Connie! And all you O'Barrs!

Hamblin Family said...

lol I like my blog too! I like being able to talk to people i love even from the hospital in CA! It's really great! I've never people watched except when i was in the car. I see some weirdos time i saw a lady dressed for a snowstorm without any shoes...Well i'll have to try that from now on!

PaulaShawn said...

Alice, you are the best! Can't get you off my mind, even though there's been a whole lot happening here, you know what I mean! Wow, you are loved by a lot of people! And who can blame them. You are the happiest, funnest, and most wonderful of all. I know that things will go well for you in the morning and that our Heavenly Father is using you to show us all his power and love for you, his daughter. And by showing you these things, he is showing all of us who are fasting and praying for you (including Taylor who was at church fasting today)that he loves as, as he is hearing and answering our prayers. He loves to do great things for the people who love and serve him, and you are definitely one of his best team players!

Good luck! Love you tons!!!!

walkinourshoes said...

Wow Devree, there is a lot of love out there. People really are hoping and praying for you. I am glad that Kylee's blog post gave you a giggle. We love your giggle. Kylee is blowing kisses to you, so catch them. We sure love you.
Love, Craig, Koe, and Kylee

lusum54 said...

I am so excited that you and your family have a blog now. they are great. Can't wait to hear how great you are doing. Love Summer

tammyella said...

oh my dearest Devree, you have no idea how releived i was when i read your surgery went well. i ran inside the house the second i got home and turned on my computer to come here and see how you did. i was about to have a panic attack all day at school today!!!!! :) you best call me the SECOND you can!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

tammyella said...

oh no........ devree no......

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