Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our "Devree's Home" Celebration

Okay here it is Tuesday and I thought I would let everyone know what has happened this weekend. Devree decided to go to church on Sunday. She went to sacrament meeting only and tons of people came up to hug her and talk to her and Todd gave a report in Priesthood. Devree also has informed us that she will be going to Young Women's tonight too. There have been people dropping by visiting, bringing gifts, bringing desserts and even Saturday we had dinner waiting when we finally got home. How lovely. Shay commented today "It seems like Christmas everyday! People visit and bring gifts and bring us good things to eat." So I think he hit the nail on the head.
We had friends from Fernley that have visited and called and one lady in our ward is a professional photographer and has photographed numerous families in the ward. I have talked to Todd and have wanted a new family portrait for about 2 years since our last one is 3 years ago. We just didn't have the time or the money. So her name is Linda and she called me and said some families in the ward wanted to donate a new family portrait because they knew I wanted one. We made sure that shirts were ironed and everyone got a haircut by me. I went to get my haircut. The stylist asked "How are you today." I gave her a run for her money and said "Not so well. My daughter has cancer and we are having our family portrait taken. I need a new doo that is avantgarde and makes me feel good." She started cutting and made the top shorrrrrtt. Then she cut the top again. Then she cut some more off the top and then some more!! Now I am spiky but it definitely is avantgarde. So yesterday on MLK day Linda took some wonderful portraits outside right where we catch the train to Virginia City for those that have gone with us. If you would like to look at them, but don't focus on my fat bottom half, you can find them at http://www.bluelakephotography.typepad.com/
We have made numerous phone calls and we have tried to get everything arranged for Memphis. Just as I thought would happend, Dr. Russo the main oncologist that we spoke to at LPCH, was a thorn in our side. She said their department wouldn't give us a referral and we needed to call all of these numbers etc and we would have to personally go back to the hospital to get the CD of all of the MRI's etc. Well Todd called St. Jude and the assistant of Dr. Gajjar took the numbers and went with it. Hallelujah! She is even going to find out about insurance. YAY! Dealing with insurance is worse! We don't have anything final yet. We will let every one know.


I Love This Picture: It reminds me of all the, "my little girl hugs" I have received over the years.

This weekend has been wonderful! We decided to take the weekend off and have a Devree’s home celebration. We cooked an enormous spiral cut ham, which we all love!!! Devree’s special request was a huge fruit salad that would last all weekend.

We had some visitors drop by to see Devree. I hope everyone was understanding about our short visits rule. Our girl would start getting tired after half an hour, so we had to look out for her.

When only family is around, Devree would close her eyes and sit on the couch just listening to everyone. We asked, “Devree, do you want to take a nap.” She would answer, “No, I don’t want to miss anything.” She is getting stronger everyday.

On Sunday night we got a call from Sister Thomassen. She is an excellent photographer that does family portraits. It seems that some friends in the Ward (church), all chipped in for us to have a family portrait done. We don’t know who you are, but “Thank You!”



Hamblin Family said...

I forgot to tell you something funny. The picture with Shay and Dane in the hats. When Linda brought out the hats, Dane said "Now we look like gay guys!" We couldn't believe he would come up with that because he has a hat very similar to the one he wore. He got it for Christmas and maybe that is the reason he doesn't wear it.

walkinourshoes said...

I love the family pictures. Dane, you don't look gay. You like handsome. What a wonderful gift the the ward his given you. I dislike the insurance and referal garbage, too. They always give you the run a round. I am happy that the assistant at St. Jude's is dealing with it. We sure love all of you.

Love, Craig, Koe and Kylee

Arianne said...

Your pictures look great! Now you can plaster the entire house. I agree with Lynda that your love as a family shows through.

Sorry about the run-arounds. I hope things clear up very quickly.

Johnson Family said...

I looked at your pictures this morning and I loved them! Arianne already said it, but I agree with Lynda too, your family is just oozing with love! We have not known your family long, but we admire and love you a great deal! Your family has such a strength and love and we are grateful for your example.

The Johnsons

Breck, Celest, Tayzia, Talon, Kallie, and Jackson Rice said...

Oh, I love your beautiful pictures! I looked at them over and over this afternoon. Dealing with insurance is such a nightmare! Let us know if we can do anything on our end. It was great talking to Devree and Shana yesterday. Can't wait to get you here to St. Jude. Love, Celest

PaulaShawn said...

Ok, had I seen those pictures with the hats before I read this I would have scrolled down without a thought. Thanks to Dane's perspective, we totally lol and can't stop! I think I'll keep hitting bluelakephotography just to cheer me up.

So fun to see you tonight, Devree! You're a superstar. I've never known anyone who caused such a frenzy just by entering a room.

Shana, I like your hair!

The Hamblin family is amazing. You need to mass distribute your blueprint. The world needs to be full of families like you!!