Friday, January 30, 2009

Missouri Ice Storm

I never mentioned that I flew stand-by into St. Louis, Missouri and then drove to Memphis, Tennessee to meet Shana and Devree at St. Jude. It was a little exciting because of the 3 day long ice storm that was coming in.

On the way back to St. Louis I saw the after effects of the ice storm. I drove for 45 minutes looking at downed power lines, and telephone poles that had snapped. Trees had snapped branches. The governor of Missouri declared it a state of emergency. Power company trucks from neighboring states were helping with all the work that needed to be done.

Now I understand fully what freezing rain is.

You can't really see how thick the ice is in this picture, but you can see that the tree is snapped at the top.


Isn't interesting how the ice froze in the shape of the cable and then separated later.

This picture shows how thick the ice is on the fence.

Look how this bush was encased in ice.

This is how much ice that freezing rain created on weeds that were sticking up.

Love you all!


The Voelkel Family said...

It really is beautiful and fun to enjoy the world encased in glistening sparkling ice. God's way of decorating the trees with "twinkle lights" during the day that can even surpass the Salt Lake City Temple Square in December. But only enjoyable after the storm passes and your power has survived and no trees landed on your house.....
Two summers ago a storm took out power in St. Louis with the same "declared state of emergency" and with power companies from other states coming in to help. People were dying because of the heat. Our street was without power for 6 and a half days. It was miserable. Thank goodness for food storage and thank goodness it wasn't winter. My girls still worry when the power goes out. Even a flicker. We have lots of flashlights around. They always assume it will be days. "Where will we wash our clothes?" :)
Sorry for the tangent . . . your pictures just brought back memories.:)

Leah said...

Those storms can be scary but sure are beautiful. I lived in Oklahoma for awhile, when I was a youth, and we got those storms all the time. They're fascinating!

momof6 said...

Welcome to our world! I like the extreme weather, but usually I wish it was just snow, the kind I can take my kids out into and build snowmen.


7HAMS said...

Yes, we do love how it all looks coated with ice. It is beautiful. That was the cause of the kids missing 3 days of school and Jeff missing 3 days of work!! Of course, we also had about 6 inches of snow on top of the ice up here in Sullivan!! It was fun!


Cheryl said...

Desiree, Devrie, Devree: They didnt know which name to use, did they? ha!

Interesting video, I wish we could have seen and heard more from you both.