Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our Stanford Team Got Fired???

Tuesday was a busy day! We have been excited to share the news about St. Jude. When we shared this news with our doctors at LPCH, we really didn’t expect the reaction we got. Their faces fell. There was a marked change from happiness about Devree’s progress, to we can’t believe we are being fired.

You can’t imagine the gratitude and love we feel towards this team that gave us back our little girl. They took our world that was upside down, and helped us to get our feet back under us. Devree’s neurosurgery was a wonderful victory in our 3 part fight against this cancer. The last thing in the world we wanted to do is make them feel bad.

But this is the right path for Devree, and they will just have to forgive us. And we forgive them for the little difficulties that we had to go through today.

When you fire your team at Stanford, they are not very motivated to help you transfer to St. Jude. We were told that they would not give us a referral to St. Jude because it was not their idea. As a customer, we made that change all on our own. Therefore, it would now be our job to collect all of Devree’s information for St. Jude. What does that mean?

Well, today we learned what that means. We were told that we needed to call 1 phone number for Pathology, and collect all of the information there. Another number was for the Medical Records department. The biggest shock was when we were told that we needed to physically visit Radiology to request for Devree’s MRIs on a CD. The CD would then need to be over-nighted to St. Jude. I asked if I would need to drive 5 hours to do this in person. The answer was, “maybe so?”

I had to acknowledge that our “fired” team didn’t have to share all of these numbers with me, or explain the process. So I thanked them for their help. However, I couldn’t resist mentioning that this process was not very customer friendly. The person on the other end of the line seemed rather at a loss for words when I shared my frank observation. So I went on to ask if the change in helpfulness was because they felt kind of fired. Their response was that, in effect you actually did fire us. Sigh…(from Todd)

On the positive side, St. Jude was wonderful. They took down all of the phone numbers that I had collected, and I was informed that they would take care of the rest. That left me 2 tasks that needed to be done before the transfer was complete. I needed to sign paperwork and fax it to St. Jude, and we needed to get a referral from Dr. Bower. Whew!!!

The transfer will be complete tomorrow morning. St. Jude will then help us get pre-approval from our insurance, and schedule our first appointment.

WooHoo!!! Memphis here we come!



7HAMS said...

I am so happy for all of the love and support that you guys have there in Nevada! It is so hard to feel so far away sometimes but it makes me feel so much better when I read about all of the many wonderful blessings that you all are receiving! I am glad that things are looking VERY promising for Devree to go to St. Jude. They are some of the very best care in the nation and Devree deserves the best!! Can't wait until we can take a trip to see you guys. Liz was asking if we were going to see Devree this weekend!! I told her that you weren't even there yet and that we would wait until you were there and settled a bit before that happens! She just loves Devree so much and wants to see her in person!! As we all do!! Keep doing all you do-you guys are awesome! Love and prayers from Missouri Hamblins!!


Darcy said...

How frusterating. Doctorss can't see past their own arrogance for what's best for the patient. I'm glad St. Judes is so helpful in this situation. Good luck getting all your stuff together!!!

momof6 said...

Glad to hear that things are looking up for you. I can see how the Stanford Drs would be disappointed but I would think that they would want Devree to get the best care possible. They must know that it isn't with them that she can be cured the fastest and most effectivly. Oh well, you are doing was is best for Devree so that is all that matters. I'm glad that you are all coming closer to us. It will be nice to support you in a more active way. Besides, I haven't seen much of Memphis so I am up for a long visit. We sure love all of you!


Hamblin Family said...


We really do appreciate the support from the Missouri Hamblin's. I hate the thought of Devree and Shana being gone so long, but it is comforting to think of you guys visiting to raise their spirits.


Hamblin Family said...


That is exactly how we felt!!! When you think of how much they have done for us, it is a small thing to overlook.

Ultimately, we are getting to where we need to be without hurting the treatment time frame we are committed too.


Hamblin Family said...


We are looking forward to seeing all of you too!