Friday, January 30, 2009

T.G.I.F. Thank Goodness it's Friday!

Well our little Devree made her mom feel better last night after that bad day. She hugged me and became little Polyana and said "Mom what GOOD thing happened today?" I thought and thought and I came back with "The berry and mango gelato was really great!" She agreed and we continued watching an old movie "Yours, Mine and Ours." We commented that there is the TLC channel that has the Duggar Family that actually have 18 children now. We slept pretty well after the exhausting, emotional kind of day.

Today has been better. They gave us a much lighter schedule. We have a huge break but once again they are starving Devree because she goes through radiation simulation this afternoon. Our schedule will always be late in the afternoon because there are so many babies and younger children that go first. They will even give her the stuff today to show contrast.

We are excited to move into the Target house. There are 2 Target houses which are like 5 miles away and we are hoping for the newer house, but we are happy with what we get. Devree will have her own room and I will have my own room and it will be like a small apartment. The Target house does have a teen room, game room, music room (a grand piano donated by Amy Grant) and a library (donated by Tiger Woods). We are finding out about mail and will give that information soon. As far as flowers, fruit baskets or edible baskets, they are not allowed. The gift shop and the get well emails, we don't know about yet.

Devree is excited because she has the same science book as DHS. (She says "NO! But I am excited because I met a new friend.) She has to read the play "Romeo and Juliet". I told her "I will read with you. I will be Romeo and you can be Juliet" Devree said "That's a little weird." We tried to cheer us up by reading PEOPLE magazine and found out one poor baby boy was named Pilot Inspektor and then the last name. Devree wants to tell you it is a poor celebrity child and not a patient here. We still crack up thinking about that poor baby boy.

Thank you all for your comments. It seems when bad things happen more people make comments. Manny that was a great analogy. I am so glad that you are another son along with Kyle. Thank you everyone for your support in so many ways.
Love, Shana


KyandTammie said...

My love is with you...You both are amazing to me.


momof6 said...

I have no idea what a gelato is but I find myself wanting one....might have to come to Memphis! How does the last weekend in Feb sound? Shana, I am dying to do your laundry! I love you both!


Manalope Extrem said...

No, edible baskets? so if i were like to go and make a basket out of redvines they wouldnt let here enjoy it? darn my plans are ruined, well im glad to hear that you had a good day compared to the last few