Friday, January 23, 2009

Lifting Hands

1/23/2009 9:16 AM
Today I have been feeling a little blue. Sometimes I just have to sit and figure myself out.

There are so many reasons to be happy. I often start to say thank you again to so many of you kind and thoughtful people, but then I get stuck because there are too many wonderful acts of service to list them all. Heavenly meals have been brought to our home by countless people. The boys have been swept away with help with rides, food, offers to come over and play, and more. Thoughtful gifts have been sent to help Devree through boring chemo-therapy sessions, to help her spirits with bright colors for her room (As a dad I don’t fully understand the happiness that Devree has over bright colorful pajama pants and pillow cases. But I am so grateful!). Shana and I cried with gratitude at how thoughtful the family portrait was. I have agonized over receiving financial help, but thank you. We just need to get to the open arms at St. Jude, and you are all helping us to take care of our concerns here, so that we can get there.

Well, there go my blues. lol

It feels kind of like the picture of many hands lifting a body over the top of the crowd, and passing the person from hands to other hands. You almost worry that the person will fall, but they don’t. The many hands are able to keep them up. How can I say “Thank You” enough, when there are that many hands lifting?

I did figure out why I was blue though. The calm time is almost over. I am going to miss Devree and Shana while they’re gone. It is so wonderful that I will be with them during that first week.



The Gang! said...

You guys are more than deserving of The love and Service you receive. Charity Never Faileth! You will have time to pay it forward sometime in your life!! I have had to learn that these past few months my self! Its not easy but People reveive so many blessing from helping! And with the world the way it is people need to feel important and give what they can! Keep Your Head High!We pray for you daily! Take care of your family and yourself!

Hamblin Family said...

Thank you "The Gang!". I know we will have our chance to pay it forward.


KyandTammie said...

Hello Todd,
YES...your family is loved by so many of us! Anything that any of us can do to help in any small way is our way of showing that love for you.

We are all with you in heart and spirit.

Love ya,

Hamblin Family said...


We are so thankful for your love and support. Without you, we wouldn't know Season & Chase. Working with St. Jude has been wonderful so far, and that happened because of you and Season.

Thank you sooooo much!