Saturday, January 24, 2009

Our Family Pulling Together

1/24/2009 10:11 PM
A local cancer support group sent a care package with resource information for our family. It is organized by people who have gone through experiences with cancer. So they reach out to families like ours.

Sometimes the siblings of kids with cancer start to feel alone and neglected. So they sent gifts to Devree’s brothers. They all got journals to write their feelings in, and they all got some neat teddy bears. Noble and Shay didn’t say much about their bears, but Dane has really latched on to his.

When I read Dane his bedtime story, he asks me to wait while he takes his bear’s shirt off to get him ready for bed. The next night when I went in to read him his story, his bear was dressed. That has happened since he got his bear. It is enough out of the ordinary that it caught my attention.

Shay and Dane have always enjoyed one-on-one time with Shana and I. Lately they seem more interested in quality time with Mom and Dad. Dane especially seems to be comforted by spending time with us. As a result, Dane has parents that know more about his Xbox video games than they ever dreamed of learning.

While we were at Stanford with Devree, we asked Noble to take Dane to the movies while Shay was spending the night with a friend. That was the highlight of Dane’s week. When we asked, “What was your favorite part of the week Dane?” Without thinking about it at all, he said, “Going to the movies with Noble. We played in the arcade at the theater, watched a movie, and then we went to Dairy Queen. I got to have a whole Blizzard for myself.” Shana and I were so tickled with his answer. He just love’s his big brother.

Devree has been so sweet to all of us. She has been so kind about sharing her things with her brothers. Noble was invited to a party today, but chose to come and watch “Ink Heart” with the family instead. He wanted to spend time with Shana and Devree before they leave for so long. Noble and Devree are pals, and it is fun to listen to them as they joke back and forth.

It just feels like our family has really been pulling together.



walkinourshoes said...

That is a very nice teddy bear, Dane. I am disappointed that Shay and Noble are not in the picture, holding there teddies, also. It sounds like a lot of people are reaching out to help and support. That is so wonderful.
Love, Koe

momof6 said...

Daney Boy! I love your picture and your bear! You have gotten so big and grown up looking. I am glad to hear that you have such a wonderful big brother who likes to take you places to have fun. I wish I had a blizzard right now. I can't wait to see you again so that we can play Xbox. I need someone to teach me. Be a brave boy while your mom and Devree are gone and help take care of your daddy! We all love you.

Aunt Mary, Uncle John and the MO cousins

imlawson said...

Thank you for sharing your lives with all of us. I look forward to each days news.
A big hug goes out to you all.
Love g. aunt Irene

KyandTammie said...

Oh My goodness Dane....YOu are so handsome in your picture! I just love your teddy bear, I bet you love to snuggle with it.

We love you lots,
Uncle Ky, Aunt Tammie and the kids

Hamblin Family said...

You are all wonderful!!! I am so grateful to be a member of this family.


7HAMS said...

HOLY COW!!!! Dane is HUGE!!! I wonder how big he is compared to Trevor..... Well I hope you guys get there safe. and I hope you drop by sullivan tomorrow Todd. If you get here before 5 you should hang out till I get out of play practice. I am in the play GREASE. I am a cheerleader. And its surprising how much I am on stage considering I'm only a freshman. the play is on Febuary 19-21 if you want to come ;] Well I love you all and tell devree to expect a call from me because I miss her.

<3 Liz