Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Formally Accepted by St. Jude

1/21/2009 11:13 PM
Today was a wonderful day. I went by my office to get some information that we would need when filling out paperwork. What a wonderful group of people I work with. They had all chipped in a little to help with things in the short term. We feel encouraged by St. Jude that we will be able to deal with things financially long term. I didn’t leave without receiving many hugs and heart felt words of encouragement. I am so grateful that everyone has been so understanding and supportive. As I left, my heart was full thinking of how kind and caring these people are.

Our good friend Shannon Quilici came to visit and she was an answer to prayers in many ways. She has had to overcome paralysis in her face. Her smile is so sweet today, that you would never guess that there was a problem. She did so much to lift us through this difficult time.

Then we got a call from St. Jude. The paperwork is in!!! We need to arrive in Memphis, Tennessee on Monday. The idea is that we need to be rested and fresh for our first appointment on Tuesday morning.

Season told us, “Chase says that the spinal tap hardly hurts at all.” Chase is an expert. She had the same cancer Devree has, and she beat it. She is a little hero and she is inspiring us. Season met another high risk Medulloblastoma patient (like Devree) when Chase was being treated. This girl has been cancer free for 4 years now.

The last good thing for today was the cancer support group that we got to meet locally. What wonderful supportive people they all are. I had to wince just a little though. They are dealing with things that I am not letting myself think about yet. We went as a family. They had the parents, teenagers, and younger kids broke into separate groups. We had a good enough experience that our whole family plans to go again next month.

I love you all!!!


angelicindy said...

who all in the family will be traveling to Memphis and will you guys be staying at Breck's?

walkinourshoes said...

It sounds like yesterday was a better day. How long do you have off of work? (Uncle Todd) You are going to Memphis with them, right? I am so glad that everyone enjoyed the cancer support group. It's wonderful to see that there are great people out there. People who have so much love and compassion. We are praying for your family and Devree. We love you all so much.
Love, Koe

Hamblin Family said...

Hi Cindy,

I want us to be together this first little bit. We are planning for me to go with Shana & Devree on Monday, then I will return on Thursday.

That will give us all a chance to hear the plan, and all the details about Devree's treatment.

Our precious Hamblin women will take care of the cancer fight at St. Jude, and I will watch the home front.

Breck's family has opened their home to us, and we are so excited to spend time with them. However, our plan is to have Shana & Devree stay in the apartment that St. Jude has assigned to us. This will give Devree a place to recover when she is exhausted and suffering from low immunity. We will also have family nearby to love and support us.

Although Breck & Celeste are 30 minutes away, Shana and Devree will be going to church with them. Would you believe that one of their ward members has offered the use of their car while Devree is there?


Hamblin Family said...

1/22/2009 9:49 AM
Hi Koe,

Thank you for all of your wonderful encouragement. We thought about having me stay home, but I couldn’t bear it. I want to be there to hear the news, and ask a million questions.

Somehow it will be easier to stay at home after being there to help Shana and Devree get settled.

We sure feel loved and lifted by everyone’s prayers.

Uncle Todd