Friday, January 16, 2009

Let's Get Out Here!!!

1/16/2009 8:55 AM
We were awake in the motel room from 3:00 – 4:00 AM. If we wake-up to go to the bathroom or anything, our minds have a million thoughts running through them. Anyway, we didn’t get to Devree until 8:00 AM today. We overslept.

I asked Shana, “What we should put in our blog. What is our game plan for today?” Devree immediately said, “Today’s game plan is to Get Out of Here!” Our sweet Devree wants to go home (She wants to close the door to her bedroom, and finally get some sleep).

We are so happy so see the day-to-day progress. Devree has been tired and groggy. Up until now we have been happily watching her sleep. But now she is having longer stretches when she is awake.

This morning Shana asked, “Do you want me to come over, hold your hand, and give you kisses?” Devree said, “If you want to. I don’t smell very good.” That sense of humor is more like the Devree we know and love.

1/16/2009 12:20 PM
We have some good news to share. Aunt Tammie has a friend in her Ward (church) named Season. We like that name. Unusual names are our favorites. Season’s daughter Chase was diagnosed with the same cancer Devree has when she was 10. Chase is now 12 years old.

Shana had a good visit with Season and then came back crying with happy tears. This is the first person Shana has talked to that really knows what this is like. Devree told Shana to not cry (Because Devree wants to stay positive). We had to explain that they were happy tears. Shana said, “This mother and daughter have gone through what we are going through. Chase got better!” (Then Devree’s eyes got misty with happy tears too)

Devree really does not like being “a sick kid” (she calls it). She said, “I hate when people hug me and cry like I’m going to die. I AM NOT GOING TO DIE!” I admire the spirit of my little girl. So you can all love Devree, she likes that, but you can’t cry like she is going to die.

Oh, back to Season and her story about Chase. Chase’s father got online and searched for the best hospital for treating pediatric cancer. It was St. Jude’s in Memphis, Tennessee. They emailed the doctor there that is the best with Devree’s kind of cancer. So Shana just did the same thing for Devree. Oh darn! We got an automated email response that told us that doctor was out of the office until 2/2/2009. The message also left a phone number, so Shana is calling that number. We are all excited for Devree to talk with Chase. This little girl will be able to answer all of Devree’s questions. That will be a wonderful resource to help Devree through this process.

I read this to Devree and asked her what she thought. She said, “You forgot to mention that I want a roommate that I can talk with.” So far, all of her roommates have been babies with breathing problems. Devree says, “That was sad.”


1/16/09 2:15 pm

Wow things are moving fast now. Aunt Tammie told us about a girl named Chase in her ward that had the same kind of cancer as Devree. Chase is 12 now and was diagnosed March of 2007. She has returned to "Normal" life. She goes to school and is back doing all of the things she loves. Chase's parents did lots of research on line and found out that St. Judes is the best children's hospital and the one that has the most cancer patients that have fully recovered. Dr. Gajjar is the best oncologist for Medulloblastoma. He has the most experience with this type of cancer and the HIGHEST success rate. His treatment plan only takes six months compared to 9-12 months here at LPCH. The protocol for Dr. Gajjar's cancer study uses stem cells from the patient and St. Judes thinks this is why they have such a high success rate.

So I emailed Dr. Gajjar. His email said he is gone till 2/2/2009 but left a phone for his administrative assistant and Tabitha who is in admitting. I called his assistant and she gathered vital information and said Tabitha was in a meeting but she would tell her. Tabitha got out of her meeting and Dr. Gajjar had phoned her to tell her that he wanted her to call us. So Tabitha called us and said we have to get a physician referral and they want it before they do her spinal tap that this hospital has scheduled for Thursday. St. Judes wants to do the spinal tap. So we may not get Dr. Gajjar as Devree's personal doctor but he is the head of protocol and we will be working with him and his group. I called Dr. Edwards to see if we could get him to refer Devree but he is in surgery. Basically Memphis here we come!!!

This is a link to information about the brilliant Neuro-Oncologist at St. Judes:

This is a link about St. Jude Children's Research Hospital ranked No. 1 pediatric oncology hospital:

Love, Shana

1/16/2009 3:31 PM
I can’t begin to express how much comfort your comments have given us over these last few days. There are times when Shana and I have been emotionally drained, and felt comforted and lifted by your words and your service. We feel incredibly blessed to have such support.

When Shana told me that Devree was accepted by St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and all we needed was a doctor’s referral. I just couldn’t believe it. Dr. Gajjar was vacationing in India, and just happened to see Shana’s email. He called from India to tell his admissions staff that he wanted to take Devree’s case. You would have to be in our shoes to be fully amazed at how quickly it all happened. This man is the Director of the whole Neuro-oncology program at St. Jude, and he is on his vacation. (A co-incidence?)

Dr. Edward’s is the Director of the whole Pediatric Neuro-surgery program at Stanford Medical Center. He only visits Reno once a month. Devree amazingly found out about her tumor on that day, what are the chances on that one? Then she made it through the next hurdle of actually getting an unscheduled appointment with that man. (A co-incidence?)

There are so many kind, caring people reading this blog and supporting us with your words and your prayers. Devree is on Mormon, and Lutheran prayer rolls. She is also being prayed for by all of you. Our family does believe in miracles. We are truly living one. Emotionally and spiritually we are not alone, we are being carried through this trial. Thank you so very much!!!


1/16/2009 6:15 PM
This evening at 5:30 PM Dr. Edwards came by with his team. They checked on Devree and asked if we had questions. Then we told them about St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Dr. Edwards was familiar with Dr. Gajjar and the hospital. He told us that it was an excellent hospital.

The faces of his staff reflected the look of being fired. We felt bad about that because we are so very grateful for Dr. Edwards and his team. They truly worked a miracle for us and we are so thankful. Shana and I deeply feel that St. Jude is the right decision for Devree.

1/16/2009 9:53 PM
WooHoo!!! Somehow Devree did it. We will be released on Saturday. When we are checking out, we will give you all an update. It amazes me how Devree can say, “I want theses tubes off.” or “I want to get out of here.” She isn’t forceful, but it just seems to come together.

We really go the run-around about how to get released. The Oncologist asked what the doctors were saying, so she wasn’t the one. The nurses were waiting to hear from the doctors. The Physical Therapist asked us what our Neurologist was saying. Finally, we got to talk to our Neurologist at the end of the day. He told us that it depended on the Physical Therapist. By this time the Physical Therapist was out of the office until Tuesday because of Martin Luther King day. At this point Devree just quietly said, “I just want to go home.”

Would you believe Devree’s Nurse started to make calls? She found all of the right people and we will be released tomorrow morning sometime. We are all so very ready to go home. Devree wants to go home most of all.

Talk to you all soon!


walkinourshoes said...

So, can you go home today? We sure hope so. That will be very nice for all of you, to be home. How long is Grandma and Aunt Tammie going to be there? We sure love all of you.
Love, The Jensen's

PaulaShawn said...

We all want you outa there! That's amazing -- brain surgery on Monday, home by the end of the week. Technology and the incredible human body...these things teamed with faith are unstoppable. C U soon!!

imlawson said...

I just love to check your site each day.
Devree, your face says it all no pocker face.
I love it! Keep up the good work.
It good to hear your ready to split. Be sure to take time to bug them for a change!
Be advised that you are the tops in our eyes.
Lots of love, (great)Aunt Irene

7HAMS said...

Hello Hamblins!!!! So in about 5, 6 months I have an 80% chance of being able to be visit you!!!!! YAY!!!! I am so excited! I feel like I haven't seen you guys in forever! I can't wait!!! so tell devree about this 80% chance. loland that I love her.I really wish I was there and I love you too Todd and Shana!!!

<3 Liz

momof6 said...

Holy Smokes! If you come to Memphis, the MO Hambins are gonna be all over you! We will visit you every free moment we get! I am SOOOOO excited! I can't wait for John to call so I can tell him. Here come the happy tears.....I am so relieved and even more excited for you! We love you all!

It's only a 5 hour drive! WOW!!!

7HAMS said...

I am SOOOOOOOOO excited about this latest possibility of Devree going to St. Jude's for her treatment!! Besides the fact that it is only 5 hours away from us I learned a little about stem cell research this past semester in my A&P class and it is so EXCITING and has an excellent success rate!!! My teacher was a big supporter of it and wanted to make sure we knew some about it. A lot of times people don't understand much about it. Using your own stem cells to destroy the cancer is the BEST possible way and I am ECSTATIC that Devree is going to be able to get this form of treatment! I know I already said it but I am so excited about this news!


Hamblin Family said...

Yes we too are excited to be closer to half of our family! Breck and Celest live in Germantown just outside of Memphis and you guys are as close to Memphis as we had to drive to this hospital from our house. You bet we would love visitors.
Love, Shana

PaulaShawn said...

Wow, what news! !Wow! Miracles, miracles, everywhere. And we can keep expecting miracles!

Horse Crazy Family said...

You go Devree, you are absolutely not going to die!! I don't think the thought has actually crossed anyones minds. I think we are all just sad for the situation, and that you have to be doing this instead of doing what you love. I have definately shed some tears the last few months over the frustration of not being able to do the things I love and being sick all the time. I can't believe what a week this has been and how quickly you are healing and what miracles have happened. You definately feel the spirit reading this blog! We love you! xoxo

Hamblin Family said...


Grandma and Aunt Tammie left around 2:00 PM our time. We are hopeful that Devree will get out today, but we don't think it will happen.

We sure love all of your comments.

Tell Craig and Kylie that we love you guys!


Hamblin Family said...

Shana and I are with you Sister Heusser. We are amazed that Devree is feeling so good so fast.


Hamblin Family said...


Shana and I agree with you. We are really excited about St. Jude and their treatment plan. Now we are praying that everything will go well with the doctor referal.

We are hoping that everyone will do what is best for Devree.


Barry and Jeanni said...

I am amazed at how everything is happening! All those prayers are working!

tammyella said...

well, that's great you're moving to a better hospital. you deserve the BEST hospital. so when will you be transferring hospitals? i'm praying for you, and i love you soooooo much!!! i hope the food doesn't suck TOO much over there!!! lol


sloner said...

Cool, you got into St. Judes
talk bout big money and no whammys

Leah said...

I'm so excited to hear about St. Judes! It is an amazing place! I just love all the 'coincidences'! This was all meant to happen right now in your lives.Talk about the Tender Mercies from Jesus Christ.

We hope to see you all soon!

The Moores

momof6 said...

Way to go Devree! You totally ROCK!! We are so excited for you to get out and go home and finally get some real sleep! I am so excited about the idea of St Jude that I just want to run through the streets screaming, but I won't because it's like 10 degrees out and snowing and someone might think that I am crazy and take my kids away....hmmmm that last part, maybe I should give it a try! HA! Just kidding!

I have always thought that you were an amazing and special girl with a very divine spirit! I hope that as my girls grow that they too will be blessed with some of the attributes that you have. Hopefully they will turn out to be as wonderful and beautiful as you!

You are a wonderful example to us all of patience and perserverence. I hope that things will continue to go the way that you want them too. I know what you are going through is hard and not ideal at all but you are so much stronger than anything that can be thrown your way! You can do it, you can win and we all have faith in you......Oh, we need "Team Devree" shirts...that would be sooooo coool and they could be purple! You can be #1!!!!

I can't wait for you to get out of the hospital. Enjoy the ride home and enjoy the sunshine! We all love you very very much. Thank you for being who you are and an example to us all! We all cherish you.

Love, Mary (and John and the kids)

BrioLynn said...

Hamblin's - I am writing this from my sisters' computer so it is under her blog account!
I sure want to be a member of "Team Devree" !!!! I am amazed at the blessings being poured out upon your family - and yet I know that you have lived your lives in the way you should so Heavenly Father will fulfill his promise to you. YEAH Devree!!! You and your family are teaching us - no more needs to be said. Thank you for letting us see faith and blessings in action.
Gary & I were planning a trip in April that would take us through Memphis. Coincidence?? Not any more. It's part of the plan!
Remember that we are just around the corner - so let us help where we can. See you soon!!!
Love, Pam & Gary