Thursday, January 22, 2009

Memphis on Monday

So Todd, Devree and I are flying to Memphis on Monday. We will see Dr. Armstrong on Tuesday with some preliminary other things that need to be done. Dr. Armstrong is part of the group with Dr. Gajjar. St. Jude will pay for the airfare for Devree and I, but we will have to pay Todd's airfare. Todd will come home on the weekend. Devree will start her 6 weeks of outpatient radiation very soon. Then we will get a 2 week break and fly home. After the two weeks, St. Jude will do the stem cell harvest. We go back to 7 days of inpatient where she will get her first 4 days of chemo under hospital care then she will get 4 months of chemo on the outpatient basis. St. Jude will give us a place to stay from the get go because Devree will be highly susceptible to germs. That is the plan of attack so far.

Last night we went to a Children with Cancer support group in Reno. It was very good. They had breakout sessions and the kids went to different groups while the adults had their own session. We are just the babies with this prognosis. Some have been dealing with it for 5 years. But we had the oldest child with it. Most of the kids have leukemia and there was one 9 year old girl with a different type of brain cancer. She is the one that has had cancer the longest. They have stuck with LPCH. I felt bad for them. They were adamant that we should stick with LPCH but you know how I feel? I feel sorry for them because they have been going through this for 5 YEARS!

Anyway the kids had fun. I laughed at Dane though. For his group he put playdough in a balloon and squeezed out all of the air and then someone tied a knot in the end. He tells us "This is for my anger management. I can squeeze this whenever I get angry about Devree." He won't even let us touch it. This morning before school he is running around and asking "Where's my anger management?" He finally found it. It is funny, because out of all of my 4 kids I would say Dane is the most easy going. He certainly doesn't get angry very often.


walkinourshoes said...

I want a playdough ballon, for anger, too.

momof6 said...

Yeah, I need a whole set. Maybe in different colors?

Leah said...

So happy to hear that things are getting in order. I'm glad you're finally able to go Memphis and start the next chapter of your life's story!

Hamblin Family said...

LOL at walkinourshoes!!!


Hamblin Family said...

Maybe I should have said LOL at Koe instead. Hey! I'm new at this.

Mary (momof6),
Shana and I want a set too! I tell you, laughter really is the best medicine.

Thanks you guys!!!


Hamblin Family said...


Thank you for your kind love and prayers.


Breck, Celest, Tayzia, Talon, Kallie, and Jackson Rice said...

How are we going to party on Monday if Devree has to be rested for her appointment on Tuesday?? We are so grateful that things are moving forward! We love you guys and can't wait for Monday!!!! Love, Celest and Family

KyandTammie said...

Man...I wish I could be there for the party on Monday!!! Well, you will just have to party for me too! I am so thankful you will be in such wonderful hands. I so believe in St Jude Hospital.

I agree with Dane, I would love to have a few of those anger balloons. How great it was for all of the family to go to this meeting. I cannot even to begin to know how the boys are feeling, muchless Todd, Shana and Devree. I am thrilled you all have a place where you know the people around you truly understand your thoughts and feelings.

We all so love you and pray for you all EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

Uncle Kyran, Aunt Tammie and the kids (all 7 of the little stinks as I like to call them!!)

The Gang! said...

We send our Prayers and Love and our Fasting for your Family! We Love you tons! Keep Bloggen! Its the Best Medicine around!

Powla said...

Hey guys. I have a question for you. I haven't mentioned this to my kids cuz I don't want you to feel obligated to say yes, but will you be around on Saturday (the 24th) if we decide to pop in for a quick visit? The kids and I could leave early Sat morn, come visit for part of the day, then leave in the early eve and drive home. It's not that far and it would be so worth it to get to see Devree before she becomes unattainable and isolated from our dirty germs. Let me know,,,