Saturday, January 10, 2009

Famous Tumor

Todd didn't mention that on the first day we got here that the media relations person came and asked us if we would allow Devree's surgery to be filmed for the local ABC channel. This will be one of the first surgeries in the new Ford Surgery center in the Louise Packard Childrens Hospital, LPCH for short. So Devree has always loved acting and of course she said yes! I told her "Devree your tumor will be famous!" The person also said that sometimes ABC will sell the story to Nevada for hometown girl info or nationally if nothing else is going on.

Devree knows she is really famous because right now her name is on 6 temple prayer rolls. She told the doctor that right now she is more famous than the President. The doctor said "Well I am glad we don't have to worry about your ego." We laughed at that.

LPCH is such an amazing place. I wish they made more hospitals this special! I think most adults would like the attention they give the children patients. Yesterday we were in the waiting room for Devree's 2 MRI's that took over 2 1/2 hours. There was a little 4 year-old chronically ill patient. I was thankful that none of my children have been chronically ill. This little guy was used to being around adults and his mom had to talk about all of his ilnesses. We played with the boy, colored, did puzzles and pretended with his spiderman car to give his mom a break while she talked the whole hour she was with us. He was just bursting out with personality.

Today our car's battery died. We bought the car second-hand a year and a half ago. We called AAA and they came out and gave us a new battery for a niiiiice little price. Everything is way expensive in this town but awfully pretty.


Arianne said...

Did you count the Bountiful temple? My mom called and put her name in there.

The Voelkel Family said...

Thanks for posting the updates and the picture of Devree. Now we don't feel so far away. And you are always close in our hearts. We are praying too.

ShaneWendy said...

We of course have Devree in our prayers. We hope and pray that everything goes well... I will also like a signed autograph from the famous Devree this summer at the Reunion. :o)

Hamblin Family said...

You can most definately have my auto graph this summer! haha I'm looking Forward to seeing you guys!!!

sloner said...

hey wuts up? r they treating you good over there? they better be. heard bout the tumor, sounds like your a celebrity over there. well im just saying that i hope it goes well, and if you need any spare parts, i've got um, you need a chunk of brain? U can have a piece of mine 1/4 a 1/2 a 3/4, any fraction of it you can have, the offer is on the table just make sure they junk me way up on morphine, cause if i feel a knife cutting out a chunk of my brain, im gonna have a real bad day.