Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Due to technical difficulties, this will not be as fabulous as I hoped. No, Cheryl I still don't have my new laptop. It was supposed to be sent to me and now Devree and I will be going home and it still hasn't come. So my laptop can't connect all of the wonderful pictures I have. So just imagine Devree with green shamrock sunglasse, a scarf, big shamrock hat, shamrock doingy things on her hat, green beads, green shirt and 2 different types of shamrock socks. She has made little cards to give to everyone. We already decorated her door. So that would have been some wonderful pictures.

More later....

So many hours later because I could never get on to any more computers. We had a fabulous day yesterday with the Rice's. They came to the hospital and had Mango gelato and they toured the hospital and we had lunch. Then we took Tayzia shopping with Devree and I and she got some new spring clothes. Then I was dragged to Pink Panther 2. Yes I laughed, groaned etc. We will miss Jackson, Kallie, Talon, Tayzia, Celest and Breck very much while we are gone. They are leaving to go on their spring break to the Gulf shores and the BEACH!

Look at yesterday's post too, because I finally was able to upload some more pictures.


Barry and Jeanni said...

Devree- you will get a kick out my suggestion for March's visiting teaching message- I just posted it on our blog- barryandjeanni.blogspot.com
Have a Great Day! We will see you soon. The Sunday School kids were excited to get notes from you!

sloner said...

your comin home? mind if i come over to say hi sometime

shadowpaw17 said...

hey ! fernley kids can get the shirts too? pleez? thank goodness dev is doing better=). hopefully ill get a visit in when you get back. keep up the good spirits guys.

love Leah Wall

Hamblin Family said...

Hey Sloner,
How about I visit U?

Hamblin Family said...

Leah, I'll call you.

Jones, loved your blog,
Devree & Shana

sloner said...

you mean like come over to my house?
that'd be cool