Thursday, March 5, 2009

What Is A Bad Day?

This is Nurse Ginny.

Devree wants a perfect name for Ginny. Nurse Blog Stalker got a thumbs down as well as GiGi (for Ginny Googler). Devree says no.

It is so wonderful to be here with Devree & Shana!!! Putting my arm around Shana while sitting in the waiting rooms is paradise.

I have to say that I was holding my breath in anticipation. How would Devree look after losing 12 lbs? However, my worries were in vane. I think Devree looks good. She did have a bad day yesterday, so now I know what that is like.

A bad day is when Devree eats a little breakfast, and then looks at the pills that she has to take and groans. “Some of those pills are big,” She thinks. “Maybe I should have Mom chop them up? They taste nasty if they are chopped up…” She looks at the pills some more. “My stomach is a little unsettled; I sure hope I don’t throw up again.” (When they removed her tumor, they were worried about affecting her ability to swallow. Thankfully, that was not a big problem. She can swallow, but the paralysis affects the right side of her throat, and pills don’t go down as well if they happen to go on that side.)

Eventually Devree decides on breaking the pills up into pieces. Taking each piece is hard and she really has to think about it before taking action. She gets down to the last 2 pieces and winces because the first few pieces tasted nasty and now she is feeling nauseated. Now she is blanching at the thought of forcing down the last of them, but she does it.

Our poor little Devrs didn’t make it very long before both the pills and her breakfast were no longer in her tummy.

So that’s a bad day. When you start out like that, nausea haunts you the rest of the day. Today wasn’t all bad though. Devree was able to come home and have a long 3 hour nap and when she got up we watched a movie. The nausea let up and she ate a little.

Shana was able to pick up 1 more prescription to help with the nausea. Today will be a concoction of 3 different pills crushed in a tablespoon and mixed with yogurt. Hopefully this new mixture, combined with no more radiation on the spine (radiation that hits her tummy too), will get rid of the nausea permanently.

They have tons of fun things for the kids to do. So if Devree has a good day, it is a very good day. To me, yesterday was wonderful because I was with the girls all day. I hope today is wonderful for Devree.

I have to add one more thing to my long post. At lunch time I asked Devree if I could read something funny to her. She looked up and asked, “Is it ok if I don’t laugh?” But even in the midst of a bad day, Devree perked right up when I gave her the letters from her Sunday School classmates at church, and when Shana read the blog comments to her. Shana said that the letters from the early morning seminary kids (church bible study for teenagers that Devree misses) were a bright spot for her too. Devree loves to be reminded that she has not been forgotten. :-)



walkinourshoes said...

Devree will never be forgotten. She is loved by way to many wonderful people. We sure love all of you. Summer would call Devree's pills, horse pills. Summer always had to have liquid form or, have the pills chopped up. Summer, wouldn't blame you Dev's. We check your blog everyday. Kylee knows your face and, she says "veree", we love you.
Love, Craig, Koe, and Kylee

angelicindy said...

Boy, I hear you on the medicine! I have this one shot that I give myself (like diabetics would give themselves insulin). Problem is that it BURNS going in and I have to sing happy birthday to myself twice before its over :). yuck! On the bright side, I only have to take it once a week. I'm so sorry that you have so many pills; they sound terrible! Hey, a trick a learned with pills is to put a little liquid in your mouth before you drop a pill in. It helps it go down smoother.

Val, Jed, Claire, and Annaliese said...

I was missing Devree yesterday at YW's! Tayzia filled me in on all the fun company you guys had over the weekend! Hope she will feel able for church! Love
Valorie Wheatley

schumannfamilyadventures said...

So I thought it cute that my adorable little red minpin puppy that is my precious baby and my third child is named Ginny too! I wish I could post a picture because she would make you smile she is so darn cute! I named her after Ginny off of Harry Potter since they had the same color of hair. Anyhow a trick I have used in the past with taking pills is to make a smoothie and grind the pills all up with my favorite fruit, yogurt,milk or juice whatever is your favorite I love fresh pineapple,banana and coconut milk with honey to sweeten and crushed ice also mango peach and orange juice is yummy, then I add my pills and grind it all up this has cured my nausea and vomiting when I have had to take drugs in the past I think you should raid the gelato machine and make a smoothie from that yum! And boy do I hear you on the collecting urine for a day, the last time I did a 24 hr urine test they lost my pee I mean Pleaaase how do you lose a huge jug of pee!Bailey wanted to say hi HI!!! and she says your sparkly boy shirt is so cool and now she wants one and now she is complaining that there is no good shopping here and everything cool is in the states... well she is right everything cool is in the states YOU!! We think your super cool and such an example to all of us and we can't believe some of the things you have to endure in a day! We are so happy your Dad Has joined you and just think soon Aunt Danawn will be giving you a hug and her hugs ALWAYS makes everything better! We love and miss you all! Ballard laurie Bailey and Brody!

sloner said...

hey, its like 5:30 in the morning and im still awake so i thought id say hey. get well soon

Hamblin Family said...

Yesterday was a hard day, but I just read all of your comments to Devree. Guess what... she smiled. I really love that, because Shana and I couldn't help her find a smile this morning.


Breck, Celest, Tayzia, Talon, Kallie, and Jackson Rice said...

We missed you so much on Wednesday! We were so sad to hear that Devree was feeling so miserable. We love you! Aunt Celest and Fam

Hamblin Family said...


We read your comment to Devree and she tried your trick with the liquid in her mouth already. Your 1 shot a week (that BURNS) doesn’t sound too wonderful. Devree understands.


Hamblin Family said...


Your idea about using smoothies to hide her pills is a good idea. We tried crushing all of her pills in a tablespoon of yogurt. Then we used another spoonful of yogurt to chase away the nasty taste.

If Devree is in the mood for food we can use that idea again.


Hamblin Family said...


Devree smiled at Kylee calling her Veree.


tammyella said...

i hope i made you smile Devree!!!!! i love you and miss you soooooo much!!!! i'm hoping your neausia will go away too!!!! <3


BECCAV said...

Hang in there girl. you can do it. i know its not easy, but you have the power. if you can't do the wandering, your mind can be your most powerful tool. what else would you like me to send if i can?