Friday, March 20, 2009

Last Radiation of Devree's Life!

A small highschool jazz band from Iowa that played at the hospital. I got so homesick thinking of Noble and all of the other wonderful jazz kids. Mrs. Bum they had about the same numbers of every instrument just like Dayton. This band was in Memphis for a Band Tour and they were really awesome. Not quite as awesome as Dayton.
Having her balloons that say she is a gold star and "Operation Radiation Complete".

Nurse Devin throwing the confetti.

After she had her mask taken off and showing all of the world that it is thumbs up to be done with radiation and showing her bald head for the first time.l

Well we came with our camera and we took pictures. The child life specialist asked for any special requests that Devree had yesterday. Devree had seen children get balloons and a T-shirt that says "Operation Radiation - Mission Accomplished". Devree requested confetti, TOO. The child life specialist said there was a Doctor at St.Jude's that really doesn't like confetti but that she would break the rules for Devree.

So we got here at 8:30 and I went in and saw how she is strapped to a table. Then the mask that is molded to her face is clamped down and the radars are aligned perfectly. We go behind the foot thick door out to the computers that then do all of the work. The cat scan that St. Jude is trying to get FDA approval make sure the radiation is right on the money. It was so WONDERFUL because her tumors have shrunken and you could even tell on the CAT scan and the Lab techs showed me before and afters. YEA!

I took pictures of the homemade confetti that they threw but we forgot our camera cable to hook up to my handy dandy laptop. I will connect later.

We will blog once in awhile at home. We found out we have to fly back the 21st of April. So we start back appointments on Todd's birthday. How sad. Oh well we already have his birthday present. Have a WHOOP de DOO kind of day!


lusum54 said...

What a great day. Did not realize Luke and Todd's B-days were so close. luke turns 31 on the 21st of April.
Love Summer

PaulaShawn said...

This is the best day! We've felt your griefs and sorrows, and believe me, we now feel your joy!!!! Can't wait for you to be back in your home with your great family. Enjoy your journey!

sloner said...

alright your last day, thats pimptastic

walkinourshoes said...

You're done, you get to go home, for a while. Hooray! Love the pictures.

tammyella said...


~Teri <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

The Neumeisters said...

Devree & Shana
We are soooooooo happy for you. What an exciting day you must have had - and it will be even better when you are home.
Devree, I have been subbing at DHS and many students and teachers are always asking about you. Today I subbed for Mr. Anderson and wore my "Team Devree" t-shirt in honor of your homecoming! Everyone is excited for you!
See you soon.
Love, Pam