Wednesday, March 18, 2009

3 More Days!

This is the Rice's and Devree after we saw Pink Panther 2. This is the sign for Ice Age 3.
This is Tayzia, Jackson, Devree, Kallie and Talon showing their eye puppets that a nice man gave us at St. Jude's.

Right in front of Chili's Care Center where Devree gets, x-rayed, CAT scan, MRI and as Devree calls it the "Radiation Torture Chamber".

Yea! They brought back the Mango Gelato, our favorite!

Here's the rest of us eating our mango gelato.

This is a camera that displays inside a chili in Chili's Care Center. The Rice's all crammed in the tip.
Devree's favorite sign at the ABC wall doing her impression of one of the most memorable things she does here.
This is Devree's party night at the Rice's last Saturday night. Notice the cute boys? She says that keeps the vomitting away. Hmmmm. I wonder why?
Three more days of radiation. Three more days of trying to blog. Todd found out that my laptop still hasn't been shipped and it will arrive here when I am gone. That is very frustrating because I have so many pictures I have to share and I am unable. I will keep trying so that all of you can see what is going on here.

Devree did really great yesterday. She eliminated her afternoon pills and even went and played games with the college kids that do "An Alternative Spring Break". It is this really cool program where different university's will offer a service week for college kids. The kids spend their own money and come to Target House or Ronald McDonald House and they do cleanup, landscaping, serve meals, do crafts and game nights. So Devree found a college girl that plays the piano and they went to the fancy schmancy music room where Devree brought all of her piano music and had fun. The sad part is Devree came back to the room and said, "I feel sick. Let me hurry and take my meds". I proceeded to crush them quickly and give them and just as suddenly, Devree threw everything up. All of the dinner too! It made me discouraged. But this morning she kept it down and even had some breakfast. Yea!


walkinourshoes said...

Yea, three more days and you get to go home. Craig and Kylee got sick, and Craig was vomiting. I feel so bad for all of you that vomit. I will do anything, to not vomit. We are so happy that your radiation treatments are almost done. Hopefully you will not vomit, anymore. We love you and can't wait to see you.
Love, Craig, Koe, and Kylee

Mark Katy said...

Devree, you are amazing!!!! And inspiring! And SO COOL! Thank you for being just exactly who you are, someone I look up to and think about EVERY DAY! Katy
Can't wait for you to get home Kendra misses you too.

tammyella said...

i can't wait for you to come home!!!!!maybe i could come down and see you weekend after this coming? spending the night would be great but if not i would LOVE to be able to just come over and see you for an hour or two!!!! call me once you're home when you can to tell me when i can come see you okay?????? I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

~Teri <3