Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Devree's Fundraiser organized by Glenn McFadden

We are so Grateful to Brother and Sister McFadden for all of their hard work for Devree's fundraiser last Saturday. This picture shows Noble and Dane watching. Connie O'Barr took Dane over and Todd asked Noble to attend the festivities because Todd was here with Devreee and I. I know that it was a lot of work and we really appreciate the McFaddens efforts. Here is the link to the local newspapers articles for those that would like to see it. Dane was very excited to know his picture was in the paper and his teacher at school had it there yesterday in class for everyone to see. I think that Shay was a little jealous because he wasn't in the paper. But Shay had a ton of fun playing at Stephen Watts house all day. Thanks again Watts, O'Barrs and Bogas for the sleep overs for the 3 boys.


Devree is doing so much better. She has passed her 3/4 done mark for Radiation yesterday. She actually felt up to celebrating at Olive Garden with Todd last night. She ate bread sticks dipped in marinara sauce and was feeling "saucy" the rest of the night. Todd commented that he leaves today and finally gets to see his daughter act silly and be herself on his last night here. Today Devree gets dye put in so we can see if the tumors have gotten smaller.

We wanted to tell everyone that we will be home soon. Although one of our life lines is getting snail mail, please don't send any more because we will be home for 5 weeks. We don't want you to send stuff here when we are not here. We have appreciated everyone that has sent mail. It really perks Devree up. We are counting the days. It is 11 more days and we will be home!


walkinourshoes said...

11 days, that's wonderful. I am sure you can't wait. I glad that Devree was able to eat last night, and have fun with her Dad.

Ky and Tammie plus 7 said...

I absolutely cannot wait to give Devree a big hug! You look great! I am so happy your tummy is feeling better.

We love you,
Aunt Tammie

Anonymous said...

Hi Devree!

I havn't sent a comment or seen you for a while now and just wanted to say hey!!! I have missed you. You look so good in your picture you would never guess you are feeling so sick...
I went in for surgery a week ago and had a heck of a time. They over dosed me on pain meds. It was a crazy experience. Anyway, I got really sick and threw up all over the nurse, then had the shakes so bad I felt like I pulled a muscle in my back. And you know what? While going through all of this I thought of you and had so much more compassion for all you are going through. Mine wasn't even a fraction of what you are going through, but those needles and nurses and doctors and pills and on and on are so annoying after a while!!!! I am totally counting down the days with you until you can go home...
Hopefully both you and I will be up to church soon and I can see you.

Sister Wilcox

The Welch Family said...

Yeah! Getting closer each day! I showed my friend from Ecuador the car picture to show her how crazy American's can be....she said she thinks he is very smart because when he needs to use the restroom, all he has to do is park the car :)

Love to you all

shadowpaw17 said...

hang in there! your coming home soon thank goodness! hopefully i will be able to visit atleast once before your off again. im praying for ya still.

with all my love,
Leah Wall