Monday, March 16, 2009


Grandma and Grandpa Hamblin came with Chris and Shelley Richards. Chris and Shelley have 2 darling kids Brinna and Austin, (5 @ 2 years old). They got here Friday night and Grandma and Grandpa stayed with us. On Saturday we toured the hospital and we had lunch and Devree said she really didn't know who Elvis was so we went to the Civil Rights Museum. Then we came back for dinner at 5pm because one of the Baptist church's did a BBQ for the Target House.

Devree is feeling so great, that she doesn't need her afternoon medication. She wanted to go to a Bi Stake Youth activity that was called "Brown Bag" skits. The leaders put things in a bag and you create a skit to perform with those props. Afterwards they had a dance. The dance was not so great, so Tayzia invited a whole group back to her house and they partied till midnight and Devree stayed to help Tayzia clean up. Then she went to church and ate pretty well all weekend and still didn't need her afternoon meds. She stayed up pretty late last night too! She definitely is feeling great!

We said Goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa after sacrament meeting. Thanks again Chris and Shelley for bringing them down. Thanks Mom and Dad for making the trip. It was a great weekend.

So about the T-shirts. I called yesterday and we can order children's sizes. But we are going to stick to SML for kids and SMLXLXXL for adults. For kids we are going to take our chances about sizes and everything is still $8. each. Don't worry about shipping. We will do that. So if you want T-shirts put in your order this week by email to and send your money to Todd. I will reply by email with our address so that we can confirm how many shirts that you are ordering.


Anonymous said...

It's so good to hear how great you feel, Devree! We love you. March is a lucky month for you.

XOXoxO, Kamon, Emily, and Boswell

tammyella said...

wow, that's so great hon!!!! it sounds like u had a really great weekend!!! <3 i'm jealous, i wish i could've been there with u havin fun =) love u my dear!!! can't wait to see u!!!! <3 <3 <3