Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday is Here!

Well when some lovely mom's at Target House asked what I was going to do when I got home, I said about a 1,000 things. Sure enough it has felt like that. As soon as I came home from the airport we hit the ground running. I did laundry, cut Todd's and the boys hair, got ready for Sunday. Then this past week I got my teeth cleaned, got blood work done, saw my doctor, took Dane to the dentist 3 times, cleaned house, ironed clothes (all of Todd's) did the T-shirt order, did our taxes, balanced the 2 checkbooks, did Visiting Teaching stuff, shopped for Easter and that is just a few things.

I have 2 more doctor appointments and Dane has such bad teeth we thought he needed a root canal, but the tooth is still growing, (a permanent tooth) and didn't need one. The first dentist couldn't do it. The second dentist, I think, is better for kids.

It has been so lovely being home. There haven't been too many visitors and we are going to Fernley on Saturday to visit people there. We will be at the Roesler's at 2pm if you want to visit us. They offered to let the boys horseback ride and visit all of their critters.

Today we will take the boys out of school and go to see a movie. I will take Shay and Dane and get them new suits because Shay turns 12 soon and will be ordained a Deacon and Dane will get baptized soon. All while I will be gone, so I want to do some things that need to be done around here while I will be gone for 4 months. I really can't even think about that because I get so sad. Todd just said a Mary Poppins quote "Once begun is half done." There are some things to look forward to when we go back like seeing "Wicked" and I think I will have Shay and Dane stay with us for probably 2 months. We really miss seeing Jackson, Kallie, Talon, Tayzia, Celest and Breck while we are out here.

Devree is doing quite well. She is eating a little better and she is using less and less of her nausea medicine. She says the boys at seminary won't talk to her and treat her like she has a catching disease. She really enjoys seminary and she really liked going to school during lunchtime the other day.

I am really looking forward to going to California to see my parents and the mini reunion with my siblings as well. Nothing like California in the springtime! In my minds eye and minds nose, I can smell the orange blossoms right now and see the green grass everywhere.

Have a spectacular Spring Day! (Sorry all of you Canadians don't have spring yet!)
Love, Shana


walkinourshoes said...

Wow, you have been very busy. Glad to here that Devree is feeling well. I am sad that the boys are treating her that way. I think that they just don't know what to say. People do funny things when they are a lose for words. We love you Devree. Kylee loves her Evree, too.
Love ya, Koe

Darcy said...

Busy, busy, busy!!! Teenage boys are an awkward bunch. I can asure you they just don't know how to "act."

Summer said...

Understatment of the year. It still looks like the middle of winter up here. love ya summer