Friday, July 3, 2009

Devree's 2009 Birthday

Devree did the 'V' word a couple of times this morning. She has a tougher time getting the pills in her system, her favorite is to take her medicine through her IV. The anti-nausea cocktail is in and as you can see, Devree is having a fun birthday so far. We have a lot of fun planned for her!!!

Our family tradition is, "Breakfast in Bed". Devree's eyes are saying, "You know I'm not going to eat that? Right???"
Shay gave her a bag that he won at Bingo last night. Dane gave her a Camp Rock notebook that is inside.
Dane gave her a Camp Rock notebook that he won at Bingo too.

What is this? Noble gave her some accessories for her IPOD.


This is a Jonas Brothers concert book she got from us. We gave her a funny talking card from "Hoops and YoYo". The boys had to listen to it about 10 times each.
Devree said "THIS IS THE BIGGEST CARD I HAVE EVER GOT! It plays the blues where the whole card vibrates.It is from Grandma Janie. Grandma Janie is Aunt Mary's Mom that has sent Devree such abundant awesome stuff. She got movies, and 4th of July and birthday decorations and the most amazing 11 glittery hats.
*** An awesome Twilight Calendar from Grandma Janie.
Some DVD's from Grandma Janie.

More DVD's.


A glittery cowboy hat.

Todd called this the Jamacain "Sorting Hat" like from Harry Potter. Devree quips up in her best Jamacain accent. "Yo know maaan. They gotta learn that magic too."
Purply glittery.
Black and White cow print glittery.

Musical Note glittery.

We have many more gifts. Thank you to all. We will spread the pictures out later. Devree has thrown up now 4 times and it is not quite 2pm. We are hoping her Medicne Room drugs will let her enjoy her own birthday party.

Thanks so much for the calls too.

We love you all. Love the Hamblins


walkinourshoes said...

We left a message on yesterday's comments, to say Happy Birthday. So hope you read that. We are tracking Devree's gift and it was in Memphis, this morning, so hopefully are have it or will get it soon. We love you.

Gary and Emily said...

Happy Birthday Devree!! I hope you have a great day and that your medicine kicks in! We're still praying for you! Emily

Mark Katy said...

Sorry I didn't get your card in the mail soon enough, Dev. I wasnt sure about the address. Dont know if the links on the side bar are new or not but I found them tonight and verified an address and your card will be in the mail tomorrow. KT PS Kendra liked the cowboy hat the best. you will soon see why. Happy Birthday Girl!

Jeanette said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Devree,
Happy Birthday to you!
This is from the Browns in Burley. We hope your day was great and we are thinking about you this 4th of July. What fireworks you are with all those sparkly hats!
We send our love OXOXOXOXOXO

Manalope Extrem said...
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Manalope Extrem said...

Hey Devree!
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (late...sorry)

I have been thinking...i dont know what about or why (my mind didn't let me know again, it has been being selfish as of late) but i was thinking about you. It brought a smile to my face. :D Why would i smile for you when you are going through what you are...but then i realized, in that moment, that i was smiling for your future. This experience (no matter how extremely unfortunate it is) will help you look at life, emotions, situations, and countless other things with a different mind and different sense of understanding and indifference. You have the chance to take this curse t the body and make it a blessing to the soul, and those of the people around you.
When I was 12 I had a friend we had been friends for a long time. Katie was her name, she was 11. She was a 4 foot 8 inch japanese girl (very small), she was one of the best girls on our city swim team and an all around happy person. She got cancer in her right leg. They didnt catch it in time to get rid of it through kemo and/or radiation, so right above her knee on her right leg they apputated Katies leg. Through the help of her family friends and faith she started going places, traveling to different parts of the country sharing her story with others educating others about cancer. If she would have never lost her leg, she would never have been able to see another side of the life she knew and be able to share what she found with others different and alike.....oh and she is still a great swimmer :)

I was happy to know that you will have the same amazing opportunity that she did, you may not use it as she did but it will give you that chance.

Love you and miss you!

-...-...-...-...-...Manny Boga...-...-...-...-...-...-

schumannfamilyadventures said...

Happy Birthday Devree!
We loved all your cute hats! we are so sorry you are doing the V word on your B-day! Kara Gulbranson saw wicked and said it was sooo good the costumes are apparently AMAZING! Hope you feel better so you can enjoy it! We love you tons!!!! Ballard, laurie,Bailey and Brody