Monday, July 27, 2009

Not Soon enough Sunday

We recieved some socks from Grandma Rice, the Neumiesters and from Emma Wilcox. Devree is really liking Emma's flourescent ones.

Devree's hemoglobin was a little low so her chemo was not started in the morning like usual. Our favorite nurse Kim told us Friday that they would wait and give Devree some blood before the chemo started. Well Devree got all of her nausea drugs in the morning and her blood pressure was low. Then the nurse realized that she couldn't give the chemo and ordered the blood. It finally came at 1pm. Then by 8pm Devree was finally given her chemo. She has never done the "v" word so much. We did get some drugs all day, but not the big push of anti-nausea drugs like usual. So Devree has been throwing up black for the last few times. She threw up all night long and we still had to do the urinating too. She has had a roungh night, so today I hope they let her sleep. I don't think that she will get her second dose of chemo till tonight because of the late start yesterday. This is the time she really has to urinate every 2 hours so she won't get the bladder problems. This chemo is cumulative and I am so glad that this is her last round. If she can't urinate every 2 hours than they will put in a catheter. As bad as she is feeling, I don't think she cares.

I want to paint her windows with "Home means Nevada", "Last course" "Devree is Done". I have to wait till a child life specialist comes with a key to open the cupboard to get the window paints.

To end off with something funny. Todd had to call me and tell me that Shay squirted cheese into his belly button and let the dog lick it out. This was after being gone a week at Scout camp. Shay's comment was "My bellybutton needed a good lint cleaning!" Say it with me now. "Eeeeeeewwwwwwww!"


lusum54 said...

I uess all you can do is chanyt over nd over and over and over
" This is the LAST round. This is the LAST round!!!!!!!" Poor Devree for havign to puck so much and feel so horrid and poor Aunt Shana for having to watch her little girl endure all the CRAP!

PaulaShawn said...

You guys are so close to the end! Just a little bit longer. You no longer have to motivate yourself with the Little Train's, "I think I can." You guys can yell, "I KNOW I can!!!" I can't wait for you to be able to throw this burden from your backs and stomp it into the ground.

Your influence is far-reaching and your strength is inspiring. "In the strength of the Lord thou canst do all things." (Alma 20:4)

I pray that His peace will envelop you in these days and that you will rejoice in knowing of His love and concern for you. You can do this!

lindsey gruwell said...

I'm sorry that Devree is throwing up so much. I wish I had some tip that I've learned throughout the years, but I'm clueless. Almost done, then after some recovery time there will be NO MORE V WORD!! I day of chemo down, just a couple more to go..then NO MORE CHEMO!! That calss for party time!

Fictions said...

Bitter sweet news. We're so sorry to hear about the continued problems and set backs but we're so very very glad your course is almost over! Then home to recover from the chemo. We sure would love to see the painted windows if you can snap a few pics. And do you have pics of the sock entries? That would be great to see.
Much love and hugs.
Catherine, Emma and family.

Devin said...

Devree. I know that you're not having much fun right now. My Grandmother died from cancer, and I remember how miserable she was the last little bit. I can't imagine how it is from your side. But I do know that you'll be ok. The Lord is watching over you.

At institute I'm taking a missionary prep class and this last week we taked about why bad things happen to good people. One of the guys in the class made a comment that I think is very true.

Sometimes God allows bad things to happen to us in order to test our faith. It seems like some people never have terrible things happen to them, while others have very great problems to overcome. This young man in my class said that the reason some people have greater problems is because they have greater faith. With their great faith, it takes something very big to shake them up and test that faith.

Other people have smaller problems because the big ones would snap them. They wouldn't be able to deal with the same problems as those with greater faith.

God never gives us anything that we cannot handle. However, we can choose not to face it. We can let it hurt us or not, the choice is ours.

I would suggest that perhaps the reason for what you are going through is because He realizes that you can handle it. That you are one of those with strong faith, and you need a big problem to test you because anything smaller would be too easy.

I would encourage you to continue to fight this problem and not let it turn you away from the Lord. You are one of those whose faith is so strong that anything less wouldn't even be a test.

Don't lose that faith. He is there, and He can help you. I pray that He does.

As it says in D&C 121:9, "Thy friends do stand by thee, and they shall hail thee again with warm hearts and friendly hands."

Your friends love you Devree. Never forget that.


walkinourshoes said...

Dear Aunt Shana and Devree,

We are so very sad that the chemo is making you so sick. We can't wait until this trail is over for your family. But, you all are enduring it well. We love you so much.

Love Craig, Koe, Kylee, Aunt Danawn and Uncle Monte