Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday starting with V word

At 6am I was awakened by Devree. Her nausea keeps getting worse. She started out vomitting like every 3 days and then everyday and now twice a day. This saddens both of us because this means even the IV drugs are not working. This week is supposed to be her best "feel good" week because it is the farthest out from her chemo drugs. I think that is what we will ask of those who would like. Next Sunday is Fast Sunday and we could fast that Devree gets her appetite back and will start to eat. She won't even try anything when I offer so many different things. I think if she would put something in her stomach it would settle it.

On to better things. We had 7 Young Women and 3 leaders come to our apartment last night. I gave them a tour of the Target House and I had made chocolate chip bar cookies. We packed all the ladies in and sat around and talked. We didn't have room or time to play any games. I had my camera ready to take a picture and I forgot to take the picture. It was a packed living room. I know this blog gets boring when we don't have pictures. Sorry I forgot.

We have received 2 more entries for knee socks. I overheard Devree tell one of the nurses which pair she liked the best. You will have to wait and see. Yesterday was "Super Hero Day" at the hospital. They have groups called "Volunteens" where teens come and help patients do crafts. They had big peices of felt that the kids decorated and then they hung around their necks like capes. I was tempted to show them how to cut the felt smaller at the neck and more like a cape, because they basically had rectangles and felt doesn't fold or move. So the kids looked like they were wearing signs on their backs, not capes. But in honor of the day, Devree wore her "Spiderman" socks and everyone OOOHED and AAAAHEd over her socks. Devree has to use her walker more, because the back door on our Sequoia broke again. I can only roll down the window and I cannot put the wheelchair in. Here another hardship will be good for Devree. Although she talked me into finding her a wheelchair at noon because she was tired from PT and walking all over the place.

Here's another great book that the Huesser's sent us. "The Broken Heart" by Bruce C. Hafen. It is about "Applying the Atonement to LIfe's Experiences". It has helped me get through some rough times out here.

Have a great Thursday!


walkinourshoes said...

Dear Aunt Shana and Devree,

It is to bad that you forgot to take a picture, but the blog is never boring. We are always interested in knowing what is happening to our, DEVREE! We are so sorry that the nasty "V" word is creeping in, all to often. We and my Mom, will fast for Devree to eat and to be able to keep it down.
Thanks, Aunt Shana, we are going to see Uncle Breck and his family on Monday. My parents get into town tomorrow night, so the Rices will get to see them. We love you so much. I am going to put Devree's name on the SL, Temple and JR, Temple rolls.

Love, Craig, Koe and Kylee

PaulaShawn said...

Poor poor Devree! She's been through way too much, but v-ing has to be the worst of it! I'm so sorry for her. I love that you threw a party. You very seriously need to write a how-to book for dealing with life. We all need your kind of attitude.

Glad you have enjoyed the book. He also has one about marriage that is just as eye-opening on that topic called "The Covenant Heart." Very timely book on the inspired institution of marriage.

As always, we send our love and wish we could do so much more for you. Have a beautiful day!

BECCAV said...

Let me know when you get mine and my grandma's socks. we put extras in, but it only because it was convient to make sure you finally got them. there are your socks, but also two scarves. you can still wear them even now that you got your wig...if you want, I can send you pictures of how i wear them. hope your feeling better soon.

Love always,