Friday, July 10, 2009

Hair, Birds and Bad news

We started out Thursday getting to pick out an amazing wig. This is a prothesis wig which means you can swim in it and everything. We have a very sweet new friend that wanted to do this for Devree's birthday and so she came with Clelest, Tayzia and Kallie. We met them at the place and Devree got her head measured and she got to try on different colors. We brought the picture of Alice Cullen and we told the wig lady that this hair style was what Devree had just before she lost it all.

We should have the final fitting on Tuesday afternoon and we both are very excited. This is a most wonderful surprise to get it so soon and to have it be a really personalized wig that will stay on Devree's head and let her head breathe and it feels really comfortable. She will be able to have it for ever because it is human hair.

We got back to the hospital and had an ulta sound of her bladder because of her frequent urination and burning sensation. The prognosis is a condition caused by the chemo where her bladder is enlarged. It is very painful and they haven't said how long it will last. She is passing blood clots but we have to watch for constant blood or that she can't go at all. It has been a blessing too because she is getting plenty of physical therapy by lifting her heavy fluid bags (2) and walking to the bathroom every hour. We put her bags in the wheelchair and she pushes the wheelchair into the bathroom. She walks better now and is more steady.

We were still in the Medicine room when Uncle Breck came to be with Devree while I took Talon, Shay and Dane to Huey's for dinner and then we were given Red Bird baseball tickets. I asked Talon if he would like to do that for his birthday because his birthday was Wenesday. We enjoyed the game. There were two balls hit out of the park for homeruns and several foul balls that were not close enough for us to get. It was a pretty short game lasting a little over 2 hours and the Red Birds won, 4-2. The mascot was named Rocky and he was pretty funny to watch . The camera shot us on the big screen one time.

We went to the medicine room and Celest had brought everyone including Paul and so we had a party until 11pm. I am exhausted. Devree is exhausted, but the boys sleep through anythingl.


walkinourshoes said...

We feel bad that Devree is having troubles going to the "WASHROOM". It is good that she is walking better, though.
I can't wait to see her, in her Alice wig. I love that little pixie cut, so cute.
Love, Koe

PaulaShawn said...

You guys are amazing! Living your dreams regardless of things going on around (and in) you! Seeing how a bladder problem is really a good thing because it helps Devree have a reason to move around - I love how you guys function! And what a neat gift of hair! Devree is sooooo loved!

We did our thousand mile journey home yesterday. Yup, our house is still here. In Dayton. A little different from Montana. But it's home. We're glad to be done with our journey and can't wait for this one of yours to be over. But I'm so glad that you are enjoying things along the way. You're an inspiration!