Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Devree just thought this up this morning so here is how it goes. We are having a KNEE-HIGH sock competiton. She got her leg braces fitted yesterday. They have to trim them a little so they will be a perfect fit but Devree needs to wear knee-high socks so they won't rub or make her feet or legs sweat where they touch. So I asked her about maybe going knee-high sock shopping and she said "Hey let's have a competition! Whoever gives us the most outrageous knee-high socks will get a special surprise from us. So here are the rules:
1 entry per family

Competiton closes July 31, 2009. If we don't have your socks by then, we can't judge them against everyone elses'.

Todd did the leg work and got us a temporary Handicapped placard from the DMV in NV for our car. That has been an extra help because of the wheelchair and we actually get a place to park and it is more room for getting the wheelchair out and opening the passenger door as wide as it can go so Devree can get in and out. THANKS HUN BUN!

Koe you had a question about how far Little Rock was. The airport from the Target House is 130 miles. So it is a long morning drive there and back. It is worth it though because people have been extra kind and have given us vouchers on Southwest Airlines and that is the closest they fly out of.

Devree is very exhausted when she wakes up in the morning from getting up every hour or 1/2 hour to urinate. I think she is getting better because there are less blood clots but they are bigger which are concerning if they stop her from urinating. Yesterday she was taking longer times between urination. We watched "Knowing" and we can honestly say, don't waste your time watching that one. We had to fast forward alot of it because it was icky and the story was just blase.

In just a few more hours Devree will be getting fit for her wig. We are both very excited. There will be pictures tomorrow.


PaulaShawn said...

We're in for the competition! I should just say that no one else should warm themselves with the thought of winning.

I read about you guys this morning. You have been "patient in long-suffering and afflictions, that ye may show forth good examples unto them in me, and I will make an instrument of thee in my hands unto the salvation of many souls." (Alma 17:11) There's no question that has been Devree and her family!

Can't wait for pictures of Devree's new do!

Fictions said...

We're soooo excited about the sock competition! You know how Emma loves some funky socks. So off we go to find Devree some supper wild and wacky socks! And we look forward to seeing the new wig! Love you guys! Catherine & Emma

walkinourshoes said...

What a good idea for socks. Are you prepared to wear some really crazy stuff? It should be fun. I can't wait to see the pictures of you, with your wig. The saying that is on the back of your team Devree shirts, is that, in one of the books? I can't remember. We hope you have a great day and can get some sleep.

Love, Koe

Anonymous said...

Devree & Shana:)
We will be sock shopping today!! We are actually in Twin Falls, Idaho right now, so we will get the package out ASAP!!!
The YW are meeting tonight, Tuesday, instead of Wednesday to decorate cakes to donate to a nursing home. If you are interested, bring a frosted cake in a disposable pan.
Hope you have a great day...
Love Lisa

lusum54 said...

The Socks are in the mail. Mom and I ordered some yesterday. Can't wait to see all of the crazy ones. Love Summer and Danawn