Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Young Women Wednesday!

There are only a few young women and leaders left in Germantown. So we invited them to come to the Target House tonight. We are excited to entertain. I think I will show them how to play "Cut throat UNO". This is a game I learned on my mission and it was bad because my companion had got all of the elders to gang up on me, but it will be good practice for Devree, because she needs to think fast and use her motor skills to act fast too!

We have a very busy long day today. I think we will both take a nap before the young women come. We have physical therapy, an ultrasound to check on her bladder which has resolved finally. She talks to the psychologist and the school program to get her classes ready for Dayton High School. Then we talk with the nutritionist and get bawled out again. Devree did eat 2 grapes last night. Then we have to go to the medicine room with our 24 hour drugs and TPN.

We did find out for sure that the last round of chemo starts Saturday night. YEA! Then we are DONE!!!! Then it is working hard to the road back to complete recovery. We will be given GCSF (drug to stimulate cell growth) and then they will depend on Devree to get her numbers up to go home. We will have to unplug the TPN, still get her last MRI to see if everything is clean, get her double lines pulled and back to "E" clinic and HOME!!!! So we will be home by the end of August. I can't get too excited because the time will go by slow then. But I want to pack the apartment and be ready TODAY! Of course it won't be today.

LOVE ALL OF YOU! and thanks for your prayers.


walkinourshoes said...

Dear Aunt Shana and Devree,

Well, good luck on Saturday. I sent some socks, so hopefully you get them in the next couple of days. And, have fun entertaining the YW, tonight. Love you both, tons!

Craig, Koe and Kylee

PaulaShawn said...

You guys are fun, throwing parties and coming up with competitions! Maybe one of the games you could play tonight would be Truth or Dare and everyone could dare Devree to eat something - 2 grapes yesterday! I've seen ants carry away more than that! Come on, Devree, let me rub off on you. I'll give you a little of my appetite; there's enough there for the two of us!

Have a super day. Enjoy your nap. That sounds divine!

Anonymous said...

I am so sad I won't be there today to come visit! I hope you have a blast!!
Love Lisa