Monday, July 6, 2009

Miss 4th of July!

The wonderful work of love by Brenda Griffin. She made an awesome "Memphis Memory Quilt" that has all of Devree's favorite things. Jonas Brothers on one side, Twilight on the other, Disney Cars and Finding Nemo, Teletubbies and even Low Rider our dog. She put the Young Women colors on it for all of the Young Women to sign and purple hearts for her family to sign in. It even has purple Monkey fleece on the other side.
Inside watching the Devree DVD. Celest made an awesome DVD with some of Devree's favorite songs and all of these wonderful pictures of when she was a baby on up through most of the blog. It made me the Mom cry!

About 60 people from Germantown ward came to Devree's surprise birthday party at Breck and Celest's. It was wonderful to see that many people care about Devree.

A purple lei that twinkled and a birthday crown to wear.

Miss 4th of July courtesy of Grandma Janie's awesome Birthday box.

It was an awesome weekend starting on Friday night. Even though Devree threw up 5 times before the party started it was an awesome party at Breck and Celest's. We love the Germantown Ward and Breck and Celest and family worked hard to make it an awesome event.
We still had to take Devree back to the medicine room for her IV anti-nausea drugs and her TPN but all in all it was a fabulous day.
Saturday started bright and early to take Todd and Noble to the airport in Little Rock. It was sad to see them go. It was nice to have the whole family together and we were able to sleep in the Target House for a total of 3 nights, even if we weren't supposed to. It was so lovely to have the family together.
I took the boys and Devree to downtown Memphis on Saturday night to see if we could see any fireworks before we had to take Devree to the medicine room at 9pm. We had to fight for parking and they saw a few but our most eventful night was eating at the famous "Huey's" that has world famous burgers. Shay said we had to eat there again before he flies out on Saturday. I will be driving Shay and Dane to Little Rock for them to fly back to Las Vegas for a family reunion.
We did find out that Devree's lack of being able to walk is also caused by Vincristine that is one of the chemo drugs that they give during and 6 days after. It is called a "foot drop" and causes the walking. Devree has been in a wheelchair and has a walker for around the house. She will be getting her leg braces this week.
The boys sure put spark in our lives. They are always loud and rambunctious but they have been good at the hospital when we have to wait hours. They are at the Rice's now so they will have fun with the cousins for the next few days.


walkinourshoes said...

Man, that looks like an amazing party. I love the quilt. What a fun birthday. We sure love you.

Johnson Family said...

Happy 4th and Happy Birthday! Looks like a great party! That is quite a large group...but who can blame them? If there was a party going on with Devree present, I would want to be there too! I love the quilt, beautifully done, and so fun to see all the things that Devree loves and what makes you YOU!
Sorry Devree about all the v-wording...someday you will be pregnant and look back on this and think pregnancy is not so bad! The rest of us just like to complain, not knowing any better. :) You're a tough cookie!

Lisa Wilcox said...

Hi Devree:)
Just wanted to let you know that Wednesday night for mutual we are pampering eachother and giving manicures. We hope you feel up to it and can come!
Love You
Sister Wilcox

Breck, Celest, Tayzia, Talon, Kallie, and Jackson Rice said...

It was the party of the century! Devree is very well loved here in Memphis. Sorry Lisa, Devree is skipping church on Wednesday to go see Wicked with us at the Orpheum. The boys are here swimming their little hearts out! Love you, Aunt Celest