Monday, July 13, 2009

Not too bad of a weekend

Saturday started early to get Shay and Dane to the airport. Lindsey Gruwell and her sister were kind enough to come and stay with Devree for awhile and then Breck came and took her to her medicine room appointment at 11am. I drove to Little Rock airport because that is the closest that Southwest flies out of. After driving that 2 Saturdays in a row, I am glad that I won't be doing that again soon. Shay and Dane made it safely to Las Vegas where Uncle Cody had a hard time finding them because they were quietly sitting in an odd place playing their Nintendo DS'

We live most of our lives in the Medicine room. While we were there Devree called her good friend Leah that she has been friends with since Kindergarten. The nurse and I were overhearing her conversation and the conversation went something like this. "Well I tell my friends 'Hey they are not crying over you so why are you crying over them? Then a pause and then Devree said "Yea some of these girls aren't my friends anymore because they don't like what I say about their boyfriends." The nurse and I laughed and laughed. The nurse said "Isn't that the truth about boyfriends and girlfriends that are crying over them."

We left the medicine room and went to an ice cream social at Target house that was sponsered by a church in MS. There were several teenagers there that had a nice long conversation with them. It was good to talk to regular teenagers except one Senior girl talked about her 3 year-old daughter at home.

Devree felt good enough on Saturday to actually go shopping. She had been given a Target gift card for her birthday and saving up her money and she bought 2 movies. We went grocery shopping afterward which was kind of interesting in a wheelchair. I had to stack up things on her lap because there was none of those shopping wheelchairs. She was getting kind of cold before we were done because of what I stacked on her. I ran to get a gallong of milk at the last second because there just wasn't any more room and I didn't want her to have to hold the heavy gallon and have her get more cold. While we were waiting in line a lady came up and asked me if Devree was a St. Jude's patient. I told her yes. She "clanked" her left thigh and said "I was a St. Jude's patient in 1964 with bone cancer. I made it and she will too!" I thanked her and told her that it looked like she had a good life and thank goodness for St. Jude's. We went home and Devree watched both her movies but I could only stay awake for one.

Sunday was back in the Medicine room so we couldn't go to church. Her counts are pretty good considering she got 2 batches of platelets on Thursday. They gave her another batch just to make sure she is on the upside of this bladder problem.

She didn't have a great night and we had to be back here at 7AM and she said she was awake and urinating every 1/2 hour. Devree still has her problem but we just took a urine sample and there were no blood clots. On Friday they gave her a pain patch for her shoulder and they keep giving her morphine by IV or by pill at home so it is not as bad pain as it has been.


walkinourshoes said...

Dear Aunt Shana and Devree,

We are so glad that there are no blood clots. So it is just the two of you, again. Are the boys coming back to you? How many hours drive is Little Rock? Well we hope that it is a good day.

Love, Craig, Koe and Kylee

soggycheerios said...

Still reading your blog daily. Sounds like a good weekend, grocery shopping and all. One more chemo, and then you're done, can't wait! Let me know when the boys get back in town and we'll have Dane over to play.

PaulaShawn said...

So adventures in grocery shopping never end, no matter how old your kids get? That's depressing!

Hope you guys can get some sleep. I get tired just reading of your experiences throughout the night. Hope Devree feels better today.

lusum54 said...

Happy Monday.
Hope this week goes better than last. Glad that you liked the new background. Love ya,