Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wonderfully WICKED Wednesday!

Wonderfully WICKED Wednesday!

We were at the hospital for a long time yesterday and we were worried that they were going to tell us again not to go to Wicked but they knew we were going to go and we did!

It was the most amazing thing. It was better than I imagined. There is a huge metal looking dragon that is over the top of the stage as you enter and then there is a map of Oz with Emerald City sparkling green in the center. The costumes were really creative and of course the acting and singing were fantastic! Tayzia was sitting next to Devree and they would sing along with their two favorite songs, “What is this feeling?” (Loathing song) and of course “Popular”. Devree still had the urge to urinate before the intermission and I knew there was no way that we could get through the crowds to go to the bathroom during so we I had to hike to where her chair was and load her in it and we went to the bathroom and we got back in time to see “Defying Gravity” where Elfaba flies. It was so wonderful,. Of course we wanted to see it all and by the time everyone let us through (it has been sold out every night!) I even cried at the last because I realized that one of Devree’s and I’s dreams have been fulfilled inspite of cancer! We made it with only 10 minutes till the Medicine room closed to get her TPN hooked up.

Devree wore her mask and even plastic gloves. We used the sanitizer a bunch. Today she is going to get an ultra-sound of her bladder and Urinary tract today. She is still having lots of problems where she has to get up hourly to urinate. She isn’t having as much pain. But yesterday we did use the morphine for pain.

We are looking forward to better days soon.

Love, Shana and Devree


soggycheerios said...

So glad you got to go see Wicked, I was wondering if you'd make it or not. Glad you are finding a way to stay positive. Miss you guys tons.

angelicindy said...

Chris, Tricia and I decided that the next time it came NEAR us we would take a road trip, so we drove to Denver JUST for Wicked. We took in other sights too but that was the reason for the trip so I'm thrilled you guys were able to make it. I loved the part where Elphaba flies! It was awesome. But the part that made me cried was when they sang, "I'm Limited..." sniff. Good show.

walkinourshoes said...

Dear Devree and Aunt Shana,

Sorry, I didn't post yesterday. Craig and I volunteered at the Temple Open House. We were ushers, from 11-4. My back was killing me and Craig's feet hurt. It was worth it, though.
We are so glad that you went and saw Wicked. Everyone that I know that has seen it, loved it.
Sorry, that Dev's is still having problems going to the "washroom." We hope that they have some answers for you. We sure love you.

Craig, Koe and Kylee