Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday Technical Difficulties

Here is our address for all of our sock entries. If you loose it, it is on the right side of the blog when you boot it up.
1811 Poplar Ave. #517
Memphis, TN 38104
We are SOOO excited to see all of your SOCK entries!!!!

We had a huge thunderstorm last night. It actually started at 4am and we heard LOUD thunder clear till 8am. I don't have computer access because of the storm. Devree was so exhausted last night because of her bladder problems that she was crying over every little thing. I said, I am putting you to bed because you are exhausted and at 6:30 she was already asleep. I kept checking on her and she was sleeping soundly.

At 7 am when I checked on her she hadn't urinated very much and I checked her TPN bag and it was full and saying transfusion complete! So it hadn't gone all night and so I started it up. Devree did eat some Fritos and some grape tomatoes yesterday in the medicine room. Her South American Nutritionist convinced her she needs to eat something everyday because her esophagus will atrophy. Devree understands that word now because that is what her legs have done. I was happy that she got a good nights sleep finally inspite of maybe she should have had her TPN and been urinating all night.

Today I made her walk with her walker for our morning appointments. I thought she would finally get her leg braces, but alas, the lady was not here again! She is a flaky lady I think. From telling us that we would have the braces in 3 days to over 2 weeks, this is not good. She is not from St. Judes but an outside provider. She is not going to get a good review in our book.

Goodbye for now. I don't have internet so I have had to borrow a computer from St. Jude's and my time is up.


Lindsey said...

Glad to find your blog. Yes, get that TPN started, that girl needs it! I love devree's new hair! It looks great on her. Glad to hear that she is eating more!! Hope your internet comes back soon! If you're interested, my blog is

See ya around!

Lisa Wilcox said...

Hi Shana & Devree:)
Isn't the thunder in Memphis amazing? I had never heard anything like it until we moved there. I spoke to Drake this morning and he said it rained a ton at our house. (Mandarin and I are still in Idaho)
We are headed out to mail your socks today!! We think of you often, and always keep you in our prayers.
Love Lisa