Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday's Surprse!

This is Talon's new buzz cut that he didn't want me to take his picture. He said "My hair will be as short as Shay's when school starts!" I said "That's okay because Shay has lots of girl friends."
Kallie, Devree, Celest, Tayzia, Paul (trying to hide behind Talon) Talon trying to cover his adorable buzz cut with a hat.

Yesterday we had a wonderful surprise and met up with Emma Wilcox. She was the girl we met when we first got here and we took pictures of her with ther sister Clarissa, and her adorable baby brother David. I forgot my camera and therefore I was hoping that Emma would come with her Dad to the Target House dinner last night, but they didn't come. Emma is here for her 3 month check-up and looks great. She shaved her head again because she said it is hot. She had really long hair and after radiation and chemo by pill, it came out in two big round bald spots. Her dad said one day they were traveling in the car and Emma said "It's hot!" and proceeded to roll down the window and then the rest of the family had long hair all in their faces because it just literally blew off her head. Emma gave Devree and I a huge bag of goodies. Mostly for Devree's birthday but Catherine (the Mom) sent me some good books to read too. Thank you very much Wilcox family. Sorry Emma you and your Dad didn't come to the dinner so we could get your picture.

Last night we invited the Rices to come to Target House last night because there was a dinner and I thought we could enjoy Family Home Evening together. Shay and Dane are having a blast and wanted to make sure that I was not going to make them spend the night in the Target House. We got to meet Tayzia's friend Paul and he is a cute kid and very funny. Tayzia remarked to Devree as Devree is lounging in the Amy Grant room, "Devree, Paul thinks the "Twilight" movie is dumb. Devree replies "Paul you come over here and I will show you what is dumb!" as she weakly hits her fist into her palm. It was so pathetic, we all laughed and Paul said "I am very comfortable right here."

It was a fun evening, but alas this morning we are at the clinic at 7am because Devree has pain when she urinates. We told B clinic yesterday, and Devree was up all night trying to urinate. She is starting a low grade fever too. Yesterday the doctors told her that she shouldn't go to see Wicked on Wednesday night. We were planning on going anyway. I guess this is a way to really stop us, because they will probably put her in the hospital. It is such a great disappointment because Devree has wanted to see Wicked for about 3 years or more and has had the music on her IPOD for as long.

Today a very special guest is coming to visit Devree. It is a surprise and it is someone from Dayton. She is going to be really excited if she can start to feel a little better. I brought my camera this time.


walkinourshoes said...

I hope that Devree gets feeling better, I want her to see Wicked, too. I have not seen it, but lots of people have told me it a wonderful. We love you.
Love, Koe

PaulaShawn said...

I'm bummed because I know it's not me coming as the surprise visitor from Dayton. Wish it could be! Can't wait to find out who it is! My guess is Chantel?

We are loving our visit to Montana, although we do feel like Noble on his cruise (eat til we're tired, sleep til we're hungry). It's hard to get to bed on time when it doesn't get dark until 10:30-11ish!

I'm hoping you'll get a "wicked" miracle. Have a good day!

Fictions said...

Am so glad Emma got to see you both! She and Jerry got free tickets to a baseball game that they couldn't pass up so they went to the game last night. Am thinking of you Devree! Much love and Misses!

angelicindy said...

ha ha ha! I love that Paul and Devree story!

Can't wait to learn about the suprise :)