Thursday, July 2, 2009

One step forward 40 steps back

Yes this is Shana and it is 3:45 AM. Yes I am very upset. Yes I can't sleep. And YES, I would never make a good doctor or nurse for that matter. Yesterday has been one of those times that you have to ask yourself "WHY?"

We get to the hospital ysterday and I told Devree that we would be taking a walk after a TV show she was watching. Before the show was done, however, a new physical therapist came in and wanted to do some work with Devree. She brings her back in a wheelchair and tells us that Devree no longer has the use of the muscles in her feet up to her knees and will not be allowed to walk until she gets braces to help her walk. They send the Orthopedist who just happens to be there only on that day of the week to come and make casts of her legs with regular cast material and Devree gets to choose the different patterned plastic in which the braces will be made. She chooses a midnight picture on one and a butterfly pattern for the other.

Devree also talks to her Psychologist during all of this too. Todd and I had been talking to the psychologist right after the PT person took Devree. So when Devree got dropped back off, we let Devree talk to the psychologist. I had to leave. I do not understand why you let a sick girl who doesn't think logically decide to stay in the hospital when she could have gotten out of the hospital and had to walk everyday! Why does that sick girl not understand that she has just set herself back by who knows how long because she "doesn't feel good enough for walking"?

When I got back to the room and waited for the psychologist to leave, Devree knew enough to try and hide herself under the covers. I whipped back those covers and I said "YOU no longer get to choose about your health welfare! You do have a choice about whether you have a smile on your face or not. But I am choosing for you when it concerns your health until I can see that you can be logical about what is best for DEVREE!

She isn't allowed to exercise or walk until she can wear her leg braces. So here we go with the 40 steps backward. It really is too bad, because now she will probably have a walker too, to help with her balance. She really is Grandma Rice.

Next week there are even more surprise visits by people she knows and loves. We have tickets to see "Wicked" the Broadway musical on July 8th. She will have a surprise visit on the 6th and a different one on the 7th.

We look forward to her birthday tomorrow.


walkinourshoes said...

Well, choices and more choices, hopefully today will be a better day. We all want Devree to get better as fast as possible.

Love, Koe

angelicindy said...

poor devers! i completely understand just wanting to take it easy because she doesn't feel well. On the other hand, I had a physical therapist that made we work anyway, and I am walking better than I have in years. I was doing things that I didn't think I would ever be able to do again (like stand on one foot or walk down the hallway without listing one direction and walking into the wall;). So way to go Shana!

PaulaShawn said...

Devree's got fight. I can't imagine the strength it takes her to move through this total attack on her body. Once she's feeling better she'll give her all to her movement. She's lucky to have another fighter looking after her. Teamed together you guys are unstoppable, as proven many times in the past. This setback will be overcome as all of them so far have been. You guys are getting so close to being on the upside of the wave. You can do it and you will do it!!!

7HAMS said...

I just wanted to tell you guys how much we love you all! I know it is really hard to do what is best for ourselves when we are feeling our worst. That is why I'm so glad that you have each other! Sorry you have to be tortured like this Devree. I can't wait until we can see you again. You are an amazing young lady and we are praying everyday for you!! Love you, Aunt Becky

Lisa Wilcox said...

Happy Birthday!!! Thinking of you and hope that you feel good and can enjoy this special day!
Love You
Sister Wilcox

walkinourshoes said...

Dear Devree,

Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to you. Kylee has been so excited about birthdays. We told her, last night, it was your birthday and her Aunt Karen's, today. That is all we herd about for the rest of the evening. She runs around screaming, "Birthday, Birthday, to you. She is so full of it. Well, we wish yu a happy birthday.

Love, Craig, Koe and Kylee

PaulaShawn said...

Happy birthday today! So your 14th year wasn't one of your favorite years, but your 15th year gives you cause for much rejoicing, gratitude, and celebration. Feel great today and keep improving!!