Tuesday, July 21, 2009

YW leaders luncheon

Today Valerie Wheatley and Cat Sparkman are coming to have lunch with Devree and I. I told Devree we have to look good today, which means wearing the hair. Devree has been oh so tired but this will perk her up.

We received 3 more pairs of socks yesterday. I realize that this is really not knee sock weather and there probably is not a selection in the stores. Thanks to all of you that found them on the internet and other places.

I keep trying to find out when Devree's next scheduled chemo time is and the doctors still have not put it on the schedule. I am such a planner and scheduler and being here has been so so hard. You don't know what you are doing from one day to the next or when they will schedule things for you, or how long appointments will last or when we get to go home! It is more than patience that I have to practice when you just have to hand the reins of your life over to someone else. We pray that the doctors and nurses will be inspired in how to help us. But most of the time I want to pray "Let us please go home soon!" I ache to be taking care of my family and being there for every little thing. Right now Dane is having a really hard time. He told Todd, "Dad you forgot 3 things. You forgot to bring Mom, Devree and the hospital with you." It will be interesting to live life without the security of the hospital. But I am ready to try. If you look at the St. Jude website, in the last 5 years they have increased the survival rate of medulloblastoma to 85%. That is a big jump from Dr. Gajaar's 65% rate that was earlier this year. So after doing a St. Jude study of the last 5 years of medullo patients, it is now 85%.

I haven't done quotes for awhile so here is my quote for today. From the Prophet Joseph Smith in Liberty Jail "Brethren, fear not, but be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might."


PaulaShawn said...

The survival rate jumped 20% in 5 years! Look at what that means from this point on! That's great news!!!

I'm amazed at how cheerful you have been able to be throughout this, Shana. I can't imagine the load you have carried and the guilt you have felt for not being able to be everywhere for everyone. D&C 58:3-4 are for you. You have done an amazing job though! And you have cheered all of us who love you guys so much. You definitely are one of Heavenly Father's choice daughters!

We send our love.

walkinourshoes said...

Dear Aunt Shana and Devree,

Poor little Dane! How wonderful to know that the treatment and success rate is improving. That is amazing! We hope that the doctors can get you home by labor day, too. We love you and hope today is a better day.

Love, Craig, Koe and Kylee