Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Game is AFOOT!

Getting her wig all fixed up and custom fit to her head.
The final touches.

This morning when I fixed it. She is looking pretty awesome in her new wig with tons of compliments. Thanks again to our special friend and stylist.

Devree says "Ahaaaaaa" to my title for today. We are excited to see that people are excited about our little knee sock competition. We are thinking up a really good prize but Devree wants to cater it to who wins. It will be special and we are having conversations about it now. Can't wait to see some of the entry's.
I think Devree is getting better with her bladder problems. She actually was able to sleep 1-2 hours and I noticed yesterday she was able to go longer in-between times. There doesn't seem to be as much blood in her urine but after labs today we will be sure. She is complaining about leg pain today at 6 out of 10 and she does get her leg braces today. We will show you pictures tomorrow.
Her counts are doing awesome so they stopped the drug to stimulate her blood cells and she hasn't had any more blood or platelets so she is doing very well.
We had an awesome evening. We actually got out of the medicine room early enough to go out to dinner with Brenda Griffin and her family. Brenda invited us to go to a BBQ place and listen to this 11 year-old girl named Brittney Russell. Brittney idolizes Hannah Montana and dressed like her and sang alot of her songs. Her dad plays lead guitar, her 16 year-old brother plays drums and her uncle plays the bass. Her aunt has even written songs for Brittney and her "Trunk Monkeys". That is the name of her band. They sang "Play that 'Monkey' (Funky) Music White Boy". Devree and I were singing along. They played alot of Hannah songs (Devree is not too fond of) and a pretty good variety of other stuff. It was great food and a wonderful evening. Thanks for inviting us Brenda.
Thanks for all of your prayers. I know our prayers have helped Devree recover quickly from this last adventure. Keep praying. We are almost through the last round. Two weeks and we should be through the last round hopefully.
Love, Shana and Devree


Anonymous said...

LOVE the wig Deveree... it is soooo you. so i finally got around to reading the fourth Twilight book, Breaking Dawn. if you have read it, which i am sure you have, you should tell me your favorite part.
my grandma and i are so jazzed bout the sock competition...but there is a problem. That is the fact that we don't know where to send them to. so Shana, if you could email me at with a mailing adress, it would be wonderful.

Love always,

Anonymous said...

Devree you look so cute in your new wig!!! You also look like you are feeling so much better, you look great!
Love Lisa

walkinourshoes said...

Dear Aunt Shana and Devree,

The wig is fantastic! Devree you look so beautiful and happy. We are glad that you both got out for an evening, of fun. We are glad to hear that Devree's bladder is doing better, also. We sure love you.
Craig and I got free tickets to Harry Potter, last night. It was fabulous. If you have another good night, you should see it. It is 2 and a half hours, though. Craig's bum was falling asleep. Well, love you tons,
Love, Craig, Koe and Kylee

Val, Jed, Claire, and Annaliese said...

Hey girls!

Lovin the wig. Also, Shana and Dev.. Cat and I would like to see you next Tues. for lunch or just a visit whatever works out! What that be okay!.. We'll be in touch.

Johnson Family said...

There is the Devree we all recognize and adore her cuteness!

I am working on a sock entry...but this is making me nervous! :)

Barry and Jeanni said...

Love, love, love the wig!! I can't believe how close it is to what her hair had looked like! My sock entry is in the mail. Hint- they have your favorite color in them :)

PaulaShawn said...

That cute wig is helping your innate beauty be somewhat more obvious, but it is definitely not necessary. You are gorgeous because of who you are! That is a very nice wig made with beautiful hair. I wish my hair looked like yours! So cute!!!

Fictions said...

WoW! You make that cute wig look fabulous darling! We're so excited to hear you're doing better! thinking of you daily! Will mail out our entries monday! Hugs to you both! Love, Cat & Emma