Friday, July 24, 2009

More Socks

Becca we have received your 3 unmatched socks. You and your grandmother sent great socks. Thanks for the other goodies too.

We are hoping today is a much better day. I tried to get Devree to take Finnergen the first moment she woke up to get a handle on the nausea. Yesterday when Devree weighed she weighed the least amount since she got here. Too much v wording. We changed the andancetron back to Kytril in the medicine room. I talked with Kim, our favorite nurse and we discussed how Devree's body will work for awhile with one anti-nausea drug then it doesn't work well. So back to Kytril and she had a better night and no V wording this morning. She was not a happy camper all day yesterday. She has been having PT everyday and she just didn't feel well yesterday. She told everyone that I broke the back of the Sequoia so now she can't go in a wheelchair. The back broke again. This is the second time it has broken. After she gets all of her drugs in the medicine room and then she gets a wheelchair because she is a fall risk.

Yesterday while Devree was going to be hours and hours in the medicine room, I went shopping. I had to get myself a new pair of exercise shoes because I ripped out the in-soles in my shoes so Devree could wear her braces. She needs a bigger size and my shoes were bigger. It was a good thing because she shouldn't be in her braces forever and I needed a better pair. Target had the perfect pair for $7. Yea! I did have something funny happen to me while I was shopping. I was trying to get gas at a very crowded gas station. This lady in a fancy sportscar, zipped out in front of me and around me to go to the last gas pump available. I pulled up behind and saw that in her impolite haste, she had pulled her car up on the wrong side. I saw that a car had pulled out just across on the right side for her. I motioned to her to the right pump for her and backed up and let her pull her sportscar to the right pump. She was a little sheepish but she went to the right pump.

So here is a Shana quote for today. It always pays to be polite. You never know what kind of idiot you portray to others when you are impolite and in a hurry.


walkinourshoes said...

Dear Aunt Shana and Devree,

Some people have a lot of nerve. That is very funny, though. You are very nice to let her move over to the other pump.
Well, Happy 24th of July, we are going to celebrate with Mom and Dad, coming.
We are very sad that Devree is feeling awful. We are sad that she is so thin, too. We hope that she can stomach food, soon.
We love you, tons.

Love, Craig, Koe and Kylee

BECCAV said...


the company they come from is one of our favorites. they have a website with lots more. and i hope devree enjoys all of her gifts. even the card we sent was specail because it was handmade by my mother.

Love always

paula said... your quote! I'm so sorry about how horrible Devree is feeling. With my mom, we kept her on phenegren...especially before she ate to help keep the 'V' at bay. She also took lorazapan, which is actually an anxiety rx (i think) the combo really seemed to help. It didn't always stop the 'V' from happening ~ sometimes there was just no stopping it.

We just got home a few days ago. I feel as if I am recovering from anmesia. So odd to be back in my home....except I missed 2 months of family happenings here. I can only imagine how it will/does feel when you return to Dayton.

Lots of love & prayers for the whole Hamblin family!